"Be a scientist and making potions and pink giraffes"

Meet our friend Cruz. Is she not the cutest girl ever. That was not a question. The photos share all of her cuteness. 

That hair is to die for, especially when you are bald like me. Her mom says that it is an extra 20 minutes in the mornings to get her hair done. After five years they have recently learned a method to wash it. Her hair in the pictures is her favorite way to showcase all that goodness, down and flowing everywhere. Mom let me know she cannot wear it this way at school because the sand is their enemy. 

I was super excited when I learned that my wife had reached out to them for a social media project and not really for a story. I had been thinking about doing a story on one of the many children I have been seeing in the GuthrieAmerica tee. 

Cruz is super funny and strong willed with a bunch of energy. She is a very loving girl. Her mom says that she has taught them to be a much more touchy feely family. Hugs. Kisses. And high fives as they leave the house in the morning.

At 5 years old and having favorite colors like pink and purple, you know Cruz is all girl. And every little girl needs a big brother and that big brother for Cruz is Gavin. He is true to his status with having a strong stance for his sister not dating when she gets older or be a cheerleader because of the outfits. Cruz and Gavin are super close. Mom says it's the coolest thing to watch. 

When I asked her what her favorite thing is about her brother, she said, "playing with him." I followed up with playing what and her answer - "Barbies."  

Barbie just so happens to be her favorite toy to play with too. She named her Barbie Teresa. 

When talking with Cruz's mom Tori, she mentioned Cruz's love for pizza. However, Cruz's answer when I first asked her about her favorite food, she said "pancakes." Mom was surprised, but mom confirmed she does enjoy pancakes. 

You can find Cruz and her mom on the couch watching movies on the weekend. This normally with a bucket of popcorn. This is not all weekend as Cruz likes to play outside a bunch. This could be playing red light green light or dancing to Justin Timberlake. 

What does she want to be when she grows up? She said, "be a scientist and making potions and pink giraffes." Those were her words. 

Cruz was born at Mercy Hospital and then brought back to GuthrieAmerica to be raised as a Bluejay. 

What's her favorite part about Bluejay Football? "Walking with Kipton at homecoming and when my brother wins. He's number 5!"