Brenda Bufford


"I was devastated. This was something unknown to me. My husband and I had two young children."


Hello. My name is Brenda Bufford. I’m from the awesome town of Guthrie Oklahoma. This is the town, as Will Smith would say, I was born and raised…

There is joy in living in a small town because of the atmosphere and convenience of having everything you need right here in close proximity. Then, we have the "everyone knows everyone" in a smaller community like Guthrie. At least, you feel like everyone knows everyone.

My favorite moments are because of 89ers. It brings family and friends in town, which leads to great memories. The parade is always a great part of the event.

In my community, I give back by driving elderly adults around and shopping for them. I'm very active in events that my church and community host.

When people come to Guthrie, I let them know that we are a historical landmark. I think this is a great place to learn history of the first Oklahoma Capitol.

At 32, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was in 1989. I was at stage 2. I detected it  when I was doing a self-breast exam.

I was devastated. This was something unknown to me. My husband and I had two young children.

And all this time, I considered myself healthy. I was happy. I was making a living as a hairdresser. Life was good to me.

Then cancer happened.

I knew of no family history at the time.

The process begin. We prayed. I did chemo. My family jumped in and started taking care of me. The encouragement from family and friends was marvelous. My Pastor and First Lady joined in with my church family… Prayed. Prayed. And Prayed.

Some actives that keep me having fun are gardening (I love gardening in my yard), playing cards, dominos and hanging out with my sisters. There is nothing better than a trip with my sisters.


My family and friends will still come over and stay up into the late hours playing dominos. It so much fun.

I keep a positive mindset by knowing the Word of God. I constantly try to go to the Word and try to keep a smile on my face. I want to be a person that gives inspiration to others that I come in contact with.

Outside of my family, friends and church family, I have found support from women in the community who have fought breast cancer. We want to get them all together for a photo hopefully. It’s pretty amazing all the women in fighting cancer in this community.

What I have learned about individuals with cancer is that they’re fighting for their lives.

This is awesome that the GuthrieAmerica brand is highlighting women who are fighting. I never knew about the GuthrieAmerica brand until my niece Tracy Roper told me about it.

Having the tee-shirt will allow me to represent my town with pride. The tee is cool too because it let’s people know I’m American too.

Before I go, know that I couldn’t have made it without the love of my family.

Shout-out to my siblings, nieces and nephews. Also, I want to include my church family - Mt. Zion MBC.

I especially want to give a special thank you to my husband who took care of me. My mother who is now resting with the Lord.