Interview: Rachel Flint

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I am a fitness expert who helps busy women develop a lifelong love of fitness by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to make it happen. I want them to overcome the "all or nothing"mentality that makes them want to give up when they can't do everything perfectly. I'm also a wife, mother of three and a 17-year member of the Oklahoma Air National Guard and I sell fitness apparel.

What’s the biggest thing you had to overcome to find success in your work?  

Caring about what others might think and trying to fit into their mold of who or what they think I should be. That's out of my control, and not everyone is going to like me or understand what I do.

What is the risk in pursuing doing the work you love?

Balancing my work with my commitment to my family is a constant struggle. I work from home, so it's sometimes difficult to know what deserves my immediate attention.

What’s the biggest way your business has changed since you started it?

I had NO idea what this would turn into! I had one idea for a tank top in 2013 and now our business has expanded into much more than that. My Facebook fitness page now has more than 20,000 fans and I've gone from selling one tank top on a simple web page to being a fitness blogger and product reviewer, expanding my line of fitness apparel, creating a top-of-the-line fitness journal, starting a free women's fitness group that has grown to nearly 1,000 members and hosting women's fitness adventures all over the U.S. It's been quite a ride!