GuthrieAmerica Story: Meet Dezz Lewis


Hello. My name is Dezz Lewis. I was born in Edmond, OK at Edmond Memorial Hospital. But, I moved to Guthrie immediately after my mother was released from the hospital.

I gladly say I’m a graduate of Guthrie High School. My 1995 class is one of the best to come out of Guthrie. I was involved in band and other organizations during my time at GHS.

My favorite memory about Guthrie is when Guthrie Public Schools voted to recognize the Dr. Martin Luther King National Holiday and was able to participate in the parade and other festivities. The best part about living here in Guthrie is being around my family and childhood friends. Guthrie really offers a great sense of community.

The thing I’m enjoying most in Guthrie right now is go to Rick’s Fine Chocolates & Coffees. And of course, I like to hang with my family.

There was a moment I moved away from home, but my love for my family drew me back. We are all from GuthrieAmerica.

Another experience I had was my first job at Stables Cafe, over on Division and Noble. It didn’t last long. I walked in on my first day of work after school, as a dishwasher and I saw all the pots and pans. I decided to take my skills to KFC.

I first learned about the GuthrieAmerica brand from Heady. I absolutely love the brand. It unites our community. It doesn’t matter if you’re 0 to 100 in age.

I wear the GuthrieAmerica Tee because I'm proud of this little town but most of all I support entrepreneurs and small businesses. I love anybody with a dream.

Before I roll, I want to say to everyone reading - BE GREAT!