GuthrieAmerica Story: Meet Sarah Anderson

Hello. My name is Sarah Anderson. I was born in Woodward Oklahoma.

We moved to Guthrie in 1980 when my husband Andy started teaching 4th grade at Fogarty. In 1981, I started working for Ken Daniels at Daniels Drug.

When Ken passed away, his family sold Daniels to my husband Andy, my daughter Amy and me. They sold it to us because they wanted it to stay a family owned business. We recently changed the name to Spoonful Pharmacy.

Daniel Drugs was located in downtown where the filming of the movie Rainman with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman happened. I was very surprised when I met Dustin Hoffman. This made this one of my coolest moments in Guthrie. We also made many milkshakes at the fountain for the movie crew.

So, although I’m not an alumni of Guthrie, my children all graduated from here. They all played sports like soccer, softball, baseball and tennis. Amy is the only one of my three children who still live in Guthrie.

The people of Guthrie make this town awesome. It’s the closeness.

I learned about the GuthrieAmerica brand from one of the co-founders Berny. She actually worked for us a number of years at Spoonful. I really love the saying GuthrieAmerica since I use it often when people ask me where I’m from.

I own a GuthrieAmerica tee shirt too. The shirts help show how great the town is and it promotes unity in our community.

My favorite thing I do in Guthrie is work at Spoonful Pharmacy because we have great customers. They are my family.

I want to end by thanking the GuthrieAmerica team for allowing me this honor.

Love you guys.