James Long


"I wear the GuthrieAmerica tee because it shows pride in my community everywhere I go."

My name is James Long. I love that I was born in Guthrie Oklahoma at the newest hospital.

In South Logan County is where I was raised. We were out by the Lazy E. My parents and one brother still live out there. I didn’t actually move into Guthrie Proper until I was an adult.

At some point, I really wanted to position myself to be able to be active. You have to live in the city limits in order to be on most boards and committees so into town we moved.

I’m a Guthrie High School graduate where I was a band nerd. I played percussion and was decent at it. I made All Region and All State many times. I want to give love to the class of 1997. My experience in high school gave me a bunch of great memories.

I want to say seeing Guthrie in full swing of recent and the potential it has by hosting the Gentlemen of the Road tour is thrilling to me.

I know it is said often, but I enjoy living in a small town. I like that people still look out for one another and there is this sense of community. You will find me walking the streets and waving to people I know.

When thinking about Guthrie versus other small towns, I quickly point to the history. We are so rich in Oklahoma beginnings.

Being a Mason makes me proud. The Masonic organization is such a giving organization and we are fortunate to house the Masonic Temple. The Oklahoma Grand Lodge is located here in Guthrie, too.

Although I never really left, I did start a business in 2007 in Edmond, but I relocated it to Guthrie in 2011. I’m still self-employed and I wear many hats. One of my hats is being a Realtor. Real estate is my passion and you will see my billboards around town for Guthrie Real Estate.

My favorite thing to do in Guthrie is actually to sell houses. It makes me laugh writing that, but it’s true. It’s a great feeling bringing new people into our community or helping locals realize the dream of home ownership. But let’s make a note that I also enjoy spending time with my family and entertaining friends at our home. We do parties like no other.

Backtracking a little, my first job was with my uncle working in the hot Oklahoma summers for Sunrise HVAC. He operates his business in both Guthrie and Oklahoma City.

My first experience with the GuthrieAmerica brand was when the founder Heady Coleman shared the idea and vision with me. I believe it’s a really great brand. It shows what you can do with a dream and some elbow grease.

I wear the GuthrieAmerica tee because it shows pride in my community everywhere I go.

I want to end with #GoWin. Ha. In all seriousness, Guthrie is a great place to live and realize a dream. There’s lots of opportunity here and I’m excited to be a part of this community.

Shout out to my wife Laura and all the hard work she has put into her store Boutique 206. She identified a need our community had and is working to fulfill it.