Stories&Work: Amber Klunzinger

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Amber Klunzinger

Share the kind of work you do. 

I own and run The Collective – a co-working space for women.

What’s the biggest thing you had to overcome to find success in your work?

Speaking up. My favorite place to be is behind the scenes, helping others make their magic.

What is the risk in pursuing doing the work you love?

That others will not see the value in it. I imagine this is the universal risk in all work.

What’s the biggest way your business has changed since you started it?

Fun fact – the vision for The Collective came to me just four months ago. So, the biggest, fastest, craziest change has been that it now exists.  

Tell us a few things you have to be consistent in to do your best work.

Pray, sweat and unplug for a bit every day. And then pray some more.      

What do you do to keep learning how to do your work better?

Building up to our opening, I spent several hours a week asking entrepreneurs to coffee and soaking in their wisdom. It was invaluable. The local community of small business owners is a special and gracious group. I continue to be floored by the kindness and generosity I encounter.