Interview: Lan McCade

Give us your full name.

Lan McCabe

Share the kind of work you do. 

My company is called Sweets on the Side and I specialize in custom designed cookies from my home. I absolutely love making my customers’ cookie visions come to life! 

What’s the biggest thing you had to overcome to find success in your work?

Finding the balance between God, family and work and a team you trust unconditionally. It took a while but I did manage to find that balance. You just know when you’ve found it when you are happy and everyone around you is happy and business is good. 

What’s the biggest way your business has changed since you started it?

My poor home has practically become an industrial kitchen and crazy packaging station! I used to think five dozen cookies a week was a lot when I first started four years ago. Now, I average 20-40 dozen on any given week. A rollercoaster ride for sure but a blessing as well. 

Tell us a few things you have to be consistent in to do your best work.

Prayer, communication and bullet lists. Pray for God to give me the strength and wisdom to make sound decisions. Communicate clearly with my team and customers. Make bullet lists to help me get through that day. I usually have two lists running: a list of the top five things I have to get done and another list of things for the entire week. I still have my sanity because of this trilogy.