GuthrieAmerica Story: Tracy Roper

My name is Tracy Roper.

Proud to say that I lived in Guthrie from birth to age 23. I moved to Florida in August 1993. But, I moved back to Guthrie in October 2008. This is home. And this is the place that I want to grow old with family and friends. You want to be in a community that is close, which is the best thing about living in Guthrie. Seeing how everyone comes together when someone is in need, no matter if they have had differences in the past. Yep. This is why I moved back.

Guthrie is small but not that small; however, it feels like a small town. I don’t think many other towns have that.

This place has given me so many memories. I would say my favorite memory is going to the hog farm with my Grandpa Bob Sullivan to hang on the farm with him as a young child through my teenage years.

My first job was at Wal-Mart. I was pretty active beyond just working. I also spent a bunch of time cheering in high school.  I graduated from Guthrie High School in 1988.

I love to spend time with family. I’m big on family. Also, these days I enjoy hanging at with my church family at Mount Zion.

I learned about the GuthrieAmerica brand from another fellow local, Heady. I love the brand. I bought all my girlfriends a GA tee. We did a fun photo shoot wearing them in Florida. We posted the pictures on Facebook. I also think one of the photos made it on the GuthrieAmerica Instagram.

I will end by saying… Whether you are born and raised in the "Rock" or you have moved here from somewhere else, it is a great place raise your children and make your home.

From a Proud Guthrie Gal.