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Natalie Ann Spencer

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I am the owner and designer for Freckles Creative Studio, a colorful and cheerful brand that designs stationery and office supplies as well as offers creative services to small business owners such as graphic design, printing and photo styling.

What’s the biggest thing you had to overcome to find success in your work?

My biggest hurdle was learning that it is okay to fully embrace my style. It is okay to be bold, use lots of color and create whimsical design. Some people will love it and some people won't... and that is okay!

What is the risk in pursuing doing the work you love?

I love product design but the risk is that a product could be a flop, even with market research and people telling you want an awesome idea you have. Then you've invested time and money into dozens of these flop products that may not ever sell. Womp womp.

What’s the biggest way your business has changed since you started it?

Freckles Creative Studio was a fully in-house production in the beginning. Thank goodness it is not anymore! Ain't nobody got time for that! My strength is in the design process. Now, we are a fully designed in-house brand that outsources the labor processes (printing, cutting, folding, etc.) to other U.S. companies.