GuthrieAmerica Story: Caleb Arter


My name is Caleb Arter. Hello to you. I was born in Enid Oklahoma. My wife Julie and I currently live in Edmond Oklahoma with our two kiddos and these days a foster child.

My work is at Blue Seven. It is a boutique in Oklahoma City. My wife and I have owned it since 2006.

We are drawn to Guthrie because it has a charm about it that just draws you in. There is a great sense of history when you are in Guthrie, too. The buildings, the streets and the pace of life seems simpler than in most other cities.

We love to visit Hoboken, Missy's Donuts and explore downtown. We love the charming mix of residential and commercial space downtown.

But the best thing about Guthrie is the people who call Guthrie home. Every single time we spend time in Guthrie we meet someone new who welcomes us with friendly conversation and leaves us with a sense that we really are welcome.

We love the idea of living a life at a slower pace and focusing on relationships in the community around you. It has always seemed to us that we would do just that if we lived in Guthrie. We have considered just that.

Heady, the founder of GuthrieAmerica, told me about the brand.

He and I met at Blue Seven in the early days before I owned the store. I was actually just working there as an employee. 

I love the GuthrieAmerica brand because it represents such a diverse group of creatives. I also love how passionately the brand promotes the city of Guthrie and it's people.

I rock my GuthrieAmerica tee because it represents a brand that is striving to promote unity within a community. I can get behind anyone and anything promoting unity like that.

We recently looked at a building for sale downtown. We love the idea of being able to live and have a creative work or event space connected to our residence. It didn't work out but maybe sometime down the road we will have our own bed and breakfast or family business the whole family can be involved in right in the middle of downtown Guthrie.

We love to go to Guthrie on Saturday mornings and hang out at Hoboken.