Dixie Shaffer


"There is something about watching a child go from not reading to reading everything they can get their hands on during the school year."


Dixie Shaffer

How long have you been teaching? 

This is my 17th year to teach. I taught two years in Oklahoma City, one year of 2nd grade and one year of 3rd grade. This is my 15th year to teach 1st grade in Guthrie.

Which school do you teach at?

I teach at Central Elementary in Guthrie. This is the 11th year for 1st grade to be at Central, before that 1st grade was at Cotteral and I taught there for four years. I taught at Edgemere Elementary in OKC before coming to Guthrie to teach.

What's your favorite school supply?

I love a new box of Crayola crayons, when they all still have sharp points, before any have been misplaced or lost! My favorite teacher supply has to be Sharpies! I have a small Sharpie addiction and I possibly have every color and size ever made!

Favorite thing about teaching?

There are so many things about teaching that make me love what I get to do every day. Very few professions give you the chance to be loved and cared about by amazing 6 and 7 year old children or the opportunity to return those emotions. I love teaching reading and Phonics. There is something about watching a child go from a not reading to reading everything they can get their hands on during the school year. Reading can be so difficult for some children to learn and when it finally happens, knowing I helped them overcome and learn a skill they will use for the rest of their life is the best feeling!

Another thing about teaching is you never know what the day will bring. Every day brings something new, two days are never the same.

Where did you go to college? 

I went to Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa my first two years of college and I graduated from University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond.

Who was your favorite teacher? 

I was blessed with many amazing teachers! It's hard to pick just one. My elementary teachers stand out the most in my memory. Mrs. Price, Mrs. Vincent and Mrs. Gatewood each made a huge impact in my life and helped drive my desire to teach.

What's your one tip for teaching? 

The one tip I would give about teaching is to never give up! Some days are so hard and often the work that needs to be done never seems to get finished. I just always try to look at what I am trying to accomplish and I have to tell myself it doesn't happen in one day or one week, it takes time. Also, try not to take everything home. Work hard while you are in the building. Get there early and stay later if needed, but when you walk out the door focus on your family and friends. Oh, and one more thing, Sleep! Walking into the classroom exhausted makes the day rough!

How many apples have you gotten over the years? 

I have been given more apples than I can count as well as many other wonderful gifts! It’s always so fun to see the expression on a student's face when they have a gift for you. Especially the ones that they made themselves!