Things I Communicate Most About My Life

Was that the right title for this post. Who knows. I'm rolling with it.

You can let me know if you think so.

Every so often. People will ask me about my life pertaining to different things. Like about...

  1. Marriage
  2. Go Win
  3. Guthrie

I sometimes have a response. And when I do respond, I think later to myself what do people do with my responses. 

Do they apply them to their life? Do they go tell others? Do they think I'm crazy?

I don't know. But, for some reason, I wanted to share the questions and my responses. 

They go as followed:

  1. What's a tip you would give on marriage? My response is share calendars. My wife and I share calendars so we can know what the other is doing or what we are doing together or to be able to say no or yes to others who ask us to do something.
  2. What does Go Win mean? My response is to approach life being consistent in the #RightThings based off the wins you want for life. Example of a win for me is to grow spiritually so a #RightThing I need to be consistent in to achieve this is meditating on God's Word. 
  3. How did you get the name Heady? My response is I have a big head. Then I point to my head.
  4. Why do you love Guthrie so much? My response is I love people and people make up a town.
  5. How long have you been at NORTH.CHIRCH? My response is long enough to know if they don't have a church home they should come visit. #Smiles

Are there some common questions people ask you? Do you ever wonder what they do with the information?

I don't know what they do with it but I do hope that my responses are simple enough that they can take it and make it applicable to their life if needed.

We all need to communicate well with our partners. Do you have a system for that?

We all should have wins defined for our life and have a system for achieving them.

We should all be loving our neighbors which creates pride for our community.

The longer I live the more I see the importance of having a church family.

What are you sharing about your life?


I wrote this blog post while sitting in my favorite chair at home via the Squarespace blog app and took the photo with my IPhone 7 Plus.