How To Celebrate Someone

To be honest, this is a question I'm asking you. Would like to hear how you celebrate people in your life.

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My daughter's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated her turning 10 today. It's her day.

And with that, I started thinking about how do we celebrate people in our lives on their special day like a birthday or just out of the blue because we feel the urge to do so.

I think it's important to celebrate people. I do it a couple of ways:

  1. I write handwritten notes to people. 
  2. I give out what I call "Kindness Awards" on social media to people. 

Those are just a couple of ways I celebrate people. 

Today we celebrated my daughter with:

  1. Gifts
  2. Having friends over
  3. Food
  4. A song
  5. And cards. 

You could see it my daughter's eyes that she felt super loved today. She will go to bed tonight knowing she is a "big deal" to us and her friends. 

I want to do this as often as possible for people. Email me some cool ways to celebrate people for their accomplishments, birthdays, anniversaries or just because at 



I wrote this on my IPhone 7 Plus and took the photo with it.