How my friend grew his business

Originally I was going to share my friends name and the name of his business but I decided against that. This makes it hard for me to decide on what picture I use for this post.

I will figure it out before I hit publish on this post.

It was at least two years ago that my friend decided that he would start his own business. He was at the time working for someone but had gotten injured so he wasn't working.

The cool thing while being injured he was helping his wife who had just started her own business too.

He sort of grew both businesses at the same time but not really. 

He grew them both the same way though. His business probably didn't start until after a year so after his wife business.

Before I share my list of 4 things, I want to say I was talking to my friend here recently and he is now talking about his growing pains and how to take his business to the next level.

This makes me smile.

Here are the 4 things I saw my friend do to grow his business:

  1. Constantly learning by asking questions.
  2. Listening to those responses based off his questions and then making it applicable. Some people ask questions but don't really listen to the responses.
  3. Served his community. He gave and still gives of himself when he can.
  4. This is one of the biggest. He hit the streets and let people know he was in business. He was showing up to everything telling his story.

This is harder than you think. And you have to have a great product regardless of how well you do these four things. Having a great product is key.

What are some things you're doing and having success growing your business? Send people a response at Facebook.Com/HelloHeady. 

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