Two things about raising children

Short post.  

I was driving back home from an event and I asked an older gentlemen riding with us what is one key thing to raising children. 

He has 3 children. I think. Pretty sure. Two girls and one boy. I super respect this man.  

I would say he is 70 plus some change.  

He took a minute to respond to the question. I sort of drifted into other discussions that were happening in the car while waiting for a response. 

He then says, with a very serious look on his face, love and safety. 

I repeated back - love and safety?  

He said yes. Love and safety.  


Now I have been thinking about that since getting out of the car and evaluating myself as a father.

Am I loving my children and providing safety for them.

Until next time.

I wrote this with my IPhone 7 Plus while sitting in Loves parking lot after dropping off handwritten notes. Photo also taken with IPhone 7 Plus but a few days ago.