5 People That Should Be In Your Circle

First, do you have a circle of people in your life? That's a good question to start with.

I thought of that question as soon as I started writing while sitting here with the windows slightly down and the wind blowing through. Feels so good. 

So do you have a circle of friends? 

A circle of friends means that:

  • You're touching each other at least quarterly by doing coffee together, by phone, etc. 
  • You're investing in each other in some way. 
  • You can ask each other medium to hard questions that may shake you up a little. 
  • You ask about each other's family regarding specific things. 
  • When you're in a bind, you know you can call them.

You get the picture. 


Here are 5 of those people that should be in your circle: 

  1. A prayer warrior. They're always looking to pray for you and your family. They ask the right questions to know what to pray about for you. 
  2. A person older than you. I'm a big fan of having a person in your life that has done life longer than you by at least 10 to 15 years or more.  
  3. That person that is willing to ask you the hard questions.  
  4. A dreamer. A person that will dream so big that it is scares you. 
  5. A leader. A person that will delegate task and opportunities to you that will stretch you. 

Always think of yourself as the 6th man. You come off the bench because these people are setting up the game for you to come play a specific role that garners success for the whole team.  

Teams can't win without the 6th man.  

Now look to your left. There are others on this team of life that you need in order to win the championship.  

Who are these people in your life? Pull out the paper and start jotting them down.  

The 6th man thing I'm not sure about but it sounded good. And I think there is some truth there. Lol... 

I'm sure about the 5 and the people you see when you look left on the bench. You can't win in life without people. Hebrews 10:24,25

I wrote this on my IPhone 7 Plus while sitting in the car with the windows down. Photo was taken by Heath Shelton on an IPhone 7 Plus.