What I learned today from a 11 year old

This morning I woke up ready to go about my day. I had to go serve with an awesome group of people at a local school.

We did what we call "Operation Wipe Down" for the school. This is were we go in with Clorox wipes and wipe down everything a student would touch daily like light switches, desk, dry erase markers, keyboards, etc.

Once that was knocked out, I went home and took a nap before my son's soccer game.

It was during this game that I learned something from my 11 year old son.


A little bit after half time my son is playing. The game was intense. The other team was up by one.

Then out the blue my son takes the hardest shot he has ever taken in the gut with a ball. The kid kicked the ball extremely hard and was just arms width from my son.

Everyone on the sideline grasped when the ball hit my son.

I was sure my son was going to have to be taken out of the game. But nope. 

It took a few seconds but he stayed in the game. And at that moment, I learned that you can take the hardest shot ever and have to stumble around a little while but you can still stay in the game.

In life, there will be times that you will have to take some shots. And you may have to stumble around a little and things aren't going to look very good for you. But you can stay in the game.

While all the craziness is going and your stumbling along, you can have peace.

Isaiah 26:3 says that if you TRUST in the LORD, He will give you peace.

I wrote this post on my IPhone 7 Plus via the Squarespace blog app and the picture was taken with my 7 too.