Why I Give Out Kindness Awards

It's part of the story I want to live out. It's almost that simple.

When someone tells the story of Heady, I want part of my story to be that I encouraged others to live out kindness in their lives.


I once heard that we should celebrate what we want to see more of. I want to see more kindness.

It would be cool to be known as the "Kindest Community In America." Along with being super cool & hip. Wait - is "kindest" a word? 

I'm a big fan of the community in the Book of Acts in the Bible. You should check out Acts 2:44-47. It says, in my own words, that they were willing to sell their personal goods in order for the needs of others to be met. They considered their possessions to belong to the group as a whole.

Because of this, people outside their community enjoyed what they saw. They enjoyed watching them showing crazy kindness towards one another. 

Being kind to one another as a community is inspiring to others and it cultivates success.

So, I give out "Kindness Awards" because I believe in leads to a healthy and successful community. 

I wrote this after teaching a relationship class in downtown Oklahoma City while my car was running on my IPhone 7 Plus via the Squarespace Blog app. Photo taken on same device.