How To Open A Closed Door In Your Life

Today my friend called me excited about an opportunity he recently had gotten charging the most he had ever charged. I was excited for him as well. He felt like he knocked it out the park. 

He does team building and keynote speaking for organizations. 

Here is the thing. When he first told me about this opportunity he had. His price was extremely low.

The door for a higher price was shut closed to him. And he was going to leave it closed.  

He didn't want to miss out on this opportunity. He wanted to submit a price that he knew was safe. 

We talked about it. I gave him my thoughts on why he should charge more. I knew his work was worth it and that the organization could pay it.

He submitted the price I suggested after our talk. I remember when he called last week saying they accepted the price.

And today he calls saying they enjoyed his work.  


Many of us have doors in front of us that are closed. Our approach to closed doors is to walk right pass them looking for doors already open.  

We look for the doors that people tell us we can open. These are typically the doors we perceive to be the easier to open.  

It's simple. To open the close door you have to walk up to it and turn the knob. Even if it seems like a door that you can't imagine ever opening for you. 

1 of 2 things will happen: 

  1. It will be locked and it will not open. 
  2. It will open and you will celebrate the win.  

It being locked isn't a bad thing. Hopefully you will have learned something from your attempt. 

Always have faith. Get around people who will encourage you to attempt to open doors that seem to be slammed shut. 

And call me so we can celebrate that door opening that you sure wouldn't.  

I wrote this - sitting next to my daughter while she did math - on my IPhone 7 Plus via the Squarespace Blog app. Photo taken with the same device.