Created a better goal for myself

My alarm clock went off at 5:00 a.m. I did not jump right up when it went off.  

Actually, I tried to give myself excuses on why I shouldn't get up. A small voice inside me kept saying "ten more minutes." But if I would have given in, that same voice would have come back ten minutes later with that same message "ten more minutes."

That would have turned into thirty minutes and then into an hour.  

To me rushing out of the house with nothing checked off my habit list.  


But I won! I got up. Hooray for me. 

Nothing wrong with celebrating your accomplishments. Lol... 

Somewhere between 5 and 7 this morning I was looking over my goals. One of my goals stood out to me and I begin to realize that that goal was not setting me up for success.  

It was one of those goals that I have no real control over. So I changed it.  

My goal was to have 250 subscribers to my email blast by the end of June. I'm at 200 now.  

But I have no control over people clicking yes to join.  

So, I changed my goal to a monthly goal that I have all control over the outcome and I can track it. 

The new monthly goal is to personally invite 30 people a month to subscribe to my email list. I have now made it a part of my habit list and this way my Productive app can provide me an overview of my month on how many people I actually invited. 

I still want to see 250 people subscribed to my email list. I actually want more than that. 

But the goal is for me to personally invite people to join because I have control over that.  

Wish me luck.  

I wrote this while waiting to go in to teach class at Family Expectations on my IPhone 7 Plus. Photo taken with the same device.