Give me the usual


Before my 8 a.m. meeting I stopped by the coffee shop to grab some - yes - coffee. I was the only one in the place for a short moment.  

Then walked in another guy. He asked for the "usual. "

I essentially did the same. I got the same thing I always get. I just didn't say "give me the usual."

But when he said it, it got me to thinking. How in life we often ask from life "give me the usual."

And that's okay. But oh boy how I think we miss out on all life has to offer when we do just approach life expecting the usual.

Last night I spent time with some young men and women. 

I challenged them to... 

Be the first. If everyone seems to be riding the plane but unwilling to jump - you jump first - with a parachute of course. It will change you and the others that will now jump because you jumped. 

The usual and more common thing to do is just ride the plane to the destinated location and passover all the other opportunities below them. 

We do this because it's comfortable to do what we have always done. It's easier to go with the crowd because no one will question you.  


You get more out of life when you allow yourself to get uncomfortable.  

When you decide to step away from the crowd and begin to lay out a different path, you will be frowned upon and questioned and told you're doing it wrong.  

I say be adventurous. I dare you.