Worn out from life

Today my daughter and I did our one-on-one. I haven't been as consistent as I should be with our time together. Completely my fault. But that's another post for another day.

Before we jetted out the door, my daughter ran into the living room and asked me to help her with her shoes. She couldn't get them untied. I grabbed the left shoe and begin to help.

Her shoes. A pair of worn out converse. These are her favorite pair of shoes. We have bought her other ones but she will not wear them. 

Why? Why will she not wear the new ones?  


These worn out converse have holes. They're dirty. They have lost their form. Her feet have grown so their tight. The color has faded. Laces are a little shredded. And on and on.

But when I looked at these worn out pair of converse, I smiled. And immediately I wanted to take a photo of them because these are the best kind of converse shoes to wear.

Then I thought about life. And how some people are worn out with life.

  • They have holes in their story.
  • Their past is dirty.
  • They have lost their grip on life.
  • Things have gotten tight for them financially.
  • Their vision has gotten faded and there is no hope.
  • Relationships have been shredded.

Now if this is your life and you're thinking you're worn out, I want to say God sees you like my daughter sees her converse - worth keeping. Worth holding on to.

He is willing to fight for you like my daughter does when we try to get her to wear her new sneakers. 

God wants to keep you with Him forever. Make you whole.

John 3:16

I wrote this on my IPhone 7 Plus sitting in my living room. Photo taken with same device.