What does it mean to Choose?

I'm walking to a community prayer hosted by a local church. The church is about 4 blocks from my house.  

There will be several local churches represented at this prayer. 

Everyone could choose to be somewhere else.   

They could be... 

  • at home. 
  • at a different event. 
  • at a game. 
  • on a date with their significant other. 
  • grocery shopping. 

Or a million other things. 


I saw this #ChooseGuthrie sign out in front of a church. By the way, I have one of these signs in my yard too.  

I begin to think what does this mean to me? What do I want it to mean to others when they see it? 

Simply put, I want it to mean that people "choose" to do life here in every way.  

That is... 

  • date nights.
  • grocery shop.
  • school. 
  • attend local events. 
  • be a part of the PTO. 
  • church. 
  • ride bikes.
  • walk to the store.
  • hang out at the coffee shops. 
  • support local non-profits. 
  • sit on their neighbor's porch. 
  • go to the park. 

And on and on.  

Do this when it's not ideal and perfect. Because the more we "choose" to do life in our community the better it will get.  

I know that sometimes we have to venture south to Edmond or OKC or south to Stillwater but every chance you can "choose" to do it here in your community. 

Other things I would encourage you to "choose"... 

  • to put Christ first in your life.
  • be around people who love you. 
  • be around people who challenge you to get better. 
  • to be kind to mean people. 
  • to look for the good. 
  • to celebrate others. 
  • to make the hard decisions. 
  • to spend time with people who don't look like. 

I need to be encouraged to do all these consistently too. 


I wrote this on my IPhone 7 Plus via the Squarespace Blog app. Photo taken with the same device.