Notes from August's Go Win Circle

My Go Win Circle is designed to bring five people together that don’t know each other so they can learn from each other’s story, be inspired by one another and connect with one another - which I hope grows into what I’m calling the Go Win Community. I hope real value is added from this.

5 Stories August.jpg

The evening was a blast. I don’t think I can get tired of getting people together and seeing them interact and sharing how they do life.

My five stories for August were:

  1. Kendra Disney, T-Shirt Nerds. Her superpower is being persistent.
  2. Jay Pete, Project Bold. His superpower is his passion.
  3. Janitta Swain, Sales/Business Professional also a Creative. Her superpower is her discernment.
  4. Jason Zimdars, Basecamp. His superpower is God.
  5. Sarah Nsikak, Stone + Harper. Her superpower is her ability to problem solve.

There was quite of bit of talking, which is good. So, we only go through a few questions. Here are the questions I asked and a few of the responses.

I had them share something about themselves:

  • We had a person take their daughter to college. This was her first time with this experience.
  • We had a father freaking out because he only had one more child left at home and she is a senior.
  • We had someone step away from being a principal and starting his own non-profit.
  • We had someone who had been in business for herself for 2 years.
  • We had someone that had been in an Emmy Award winning production.

Here are the questions I asked and some of the responses:

How do you learn to do your work better?

  • Mentor
  • By watching others.
  • Coaching
  • Internet
  • Classes
  • Feedback from others.
  • Join a small group.
  • Facebook Groups

Who are the right people to be around?

  • People who let me be me.
  • People who are smarter than me.
  • People who push me.
  • Positive people.
  • People who are winning in life.

How do you go about your day regarding work and/or your goals?

  • Routine
  • Paper planner
  • ToDo list in binder
  • Paper from printer and fold it up and write out things that need to be done.

I asked everyone what they will walk away with from being apart of the 5 STORIES:

  • Janitta said, not knowing is okay.
  • Jason said, just meeting people that he wouldn’t have possibly never met.
  • Sarah said, “Be the worst.” Someone had mentioned that you want to “be the worst” in the group. Meaning, surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.
  • Kendra said, she was made aware of new things and also encouraged from hearing other people’s story.
  • Jay said, taking time to just connect with new people. He referenced it initially as “smell the flowers.”

One of the things I personally enjoy about this is at the end people mention what they personally need help with and to see how everyone responds to wanting to help each other is amazing to me.

Well, I’m off to send invites for my September GWC.

I want to thank Kendra and Janitta for jumping in at the last minute because some people originally scheduled to be part of this couldn’t make it.

Big ups to my family for letting me be absent from home one Sunday a month to host this. I really enjoy connecting new people.

I like to say I #LinccPeople so that we can all WIN! 


email me at if you would be interested in being on the list of invites if you live in the okc metro area.