Tell us your name.

Sonny Ojeda

Where are you from?

Luquillo, Puerto Rico

What was one of your favorite things growing up?

Our farms


Where do you work? What's your title? What do you do?

ERA Courtyard Real Estate. Real Estate Agent. As much as I can.

Who was your best friend growing up?

Jeremy Jones

Money was of no concern what would you be doing?

Same things just on a bit of a grander scale.

Can you share something that embarrasses you?


Do you have a favorite app on your phone right now?

So many to choose from! Venmo I guess makes my life so much simpler.

Tell me the 3 best things about you.

Committed. Humor. Passionate. 

What does good communication mean to you?

Telling the truth even if it's hard

Who is a great communicator in your life and why?

My dad. There is no guesswork. He is old school and I respect every bit of what and how he says things.

What is your favorite way to learn?

Listening and doing. 

Tell us something you have learned lately?

I learned that I have to accept delays and not be stressed about them.

Your favorite person in the world and why?

My grandpa, he not only formed my life but he literally helped change the world.

Who is someone that adds value to your life and how?

Honestly, every new person I meet adds value to my life. There is your experience and then there is everyone else's. And if you can truly listen, the value of the world around you is incalculable.

How do you go about planning your day?

My phones calendar and Facebook events reminders. I triple set reminders for everything, one of my biggest fears is being late.

Are you a goal setter?

I hope so. Everyday begins with a simple task. That task leads to greater task and hopefully everyday I accomplish most of what I set out to do.

What's a big goal you have at the moment that you can share? 

Making my car bounce for Mollie.

Is there anything that you're measuring in your life right now and how?

I continually measure my input and output on the daily, I don't know if everything is an acceptable answer but it sure feels like it.

What project am I working right now? 

Good question, in April we started a not for profit named Red Brick Revival Foundation to say thanks to our neighbors and serve the city of Guthrie. What we do is very simple, we locate and uncover the lost brick sidewalks of Guthrie.

Why is this important to you?

We wanted to figure out a way to show our appreciation to the people and the city of Guthrie for welcoming us to what we consider home. I personally feel I owe a service to my community, my wife says I show love not with words but with my actions so in a sense We get to show our love for Guthrie by wielding our shovels and hefting the weight of our buckets. We aren't the mushy type. We consider ourselves lucky to get to labor for our friends and neighbors. Community is built stronger one brick at a time. Also you may have noticed the word "We instead of "I" in most places because "I" is not what Red Brick Revival is about it is about the "We" of Guthrie.

What inspired It?

A small combination of things worked there way to what we consider a great solution, such as a talk with a neighbor (Heady Coleman) about ideas on giving back, a friend moving to Guthrie, the history of Guthrie, our fascination with Urban exploring, wanting to show our children how to build character and give back in a tangible result driven way. Inspiration to serve, give or do in Guthrie is pretty easy to come by I have found, our citizens are the most involved group I have ever witnessed in one place. It is really easy to be an artist or a creative here in Guthrie because the inspiration is all around us here, whether it be the history, the people, the energy. This place is incredible.

Which of your friends tell the best stories about you?

The ones that understand the man behind the stories. There is a group of us that no matter where we are we can pick up as if we were still young troublemakers. Please don't ever listen to those stories but I assure you they are true.

Do you have a favorite story to tell about one of your friends?

My friend and I were on a road trip. We were in our early 30s. A Loves gas truck drives by and as most of us Okies know the trucks say Loves Country Stores and something about "best coffee." My friend says, "I wonder why they don't just brew the coffee at the stores?" My reply was a simple "you know that's gas in there and not coffee, right?" Apparently for 30 plus years he thought they pumped the coffee out of those trucks. When I need a laugh, I just replay that innocent convo in my head.

What's the one question you ask someone you want to get to know better?

What is your name?

If you had a million dollars, how would you use it?


What's one simple way to show kindness tomorrow?

Say "thank you I appreciate you being here",

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