GuthrieAmerica Story: Tyler Griffin

Really, I wanted to be a photographer at one point in my life, so I really like taking the photos for my interviews. However, I'm not the best at it by any means. I wish I could have a super duper cool photographer do my photos. But, again, I really like doing it. I just use my phone to take majority of the photos you see on my site. I'm saying this because I really enjoyed capturing Tyler in downtown Guthrie. 

Tyler is a former school teacher turned entrepreneur. He runs a JiuJitsu in Guthrie now. His family is amazing. His wife Kim is the sweetest lady in the world. You wouldn't think she would be married to a fighter. His kids are so much fun and extremely sweet. 

I'm glad that Tyler is sharing a little of his story. 

Tyler Griffin GuthrieAmerica

Tell us your name.

Tyler Griffin

Where were you born specifically?

Hobbs, New Mexico

When did you move to Guthrie?


What's your favorite Guthrie-related memory?

Launching NorthChurch Guthrie

What's the best part about living in Guthrie?

Community Love

What does Guthrie have that other towns don't?


Are you a GHS alumni?

No , I left at the end of my junior year and graduated in Edmond.

If you lived here at some point and moved back why?

I love smaller town living that’s close enough to get to the city when you need it!

Where do you currently work and how long?

Prodigy JiuJitsu! We’ve been open 3 Years!

What do you love most about your job?

Providing people with something pure that impacts positive life change!

If you grew up in Guthrie and had your first job here...where? Did you get fired?

My first job was at Hardee’s. I cooked the fried chicken for two weeks. I quit and started mowing for the schools!

Do you have family here? If so explain...: 

Just my immediate family!

How did you first hear or learn about the GuthrieAmerica brand?


Why do you wear GuthrieAmerica tee?

To promote the type of community that GuthrieAmerica Is!

What are your favorite things to do in Guthrie?

Church , play in the parks, eat!

How would you define what it means when you hear or say COMMUNITY WINS?

Choose to love and connect!

Anything significant about your life you would like to share?


Lastly, we love SHOUT OUTS! Who do you want to give a shout out to?

Kim, Gracelynn, Gaines, my NorthChurch/Prodigy JiuJitsu families and to all my friends from Guthrie from over the years! 

Much Love!

Wait, one more. What does it mean to CHOOSE GUTHRIE?

Choose community, hospitality, serving, and Love!

Tyler Griffin GuthrieAmerica Downtown Interview