Why They Love Greg Hawks

This is becoming one of my favorite post to put together. The more I do it the more I realize how it helps me to get to know people I love even more. It's fun to read why people love people I love and consider friends and even family. This week I'm sharing why people love my friend Greg Hawks. If you meet Greg, you will never forget Greg. Seriously. Greg is a straight shooter. He is going to tell you what is on his mine. He is fun. He is passionate about his family. He is willing to invest his time, talents and resources to help people WIN. I'm one of the lucky ones that gets to spend regularly time with Greg. See why others love Greg below. 

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Greg hawks goes out of his way to connect with people including me. I say, including me, because He does it in a way that makes me feel unique, special, individual. However, I am sure he does this for many people. If he is traveling near my hometown, he stops by. If I am speaking at at event, he joins to listen. He is the king of posting pics of my success on twitter. #kingofhashtags #hawkslovestags #greglovestwitter This makes me feel valued. His positive affirmation builds me up. I very much appreciate his friendship.

Before I started my company, Greg Hawks was one of six people that gathered in Guthrie’s Hoboken to pour into me. He asked tough questions and gave great advice. Almost five years later, he’s still doing it. From coffee meetings, to social media, to random texts...Greg has continued to pour into my life. He’s genuinely thoughtful and prays the best for me and my family. It’s simply...who he is.

I love Greg Hawks because he is always so excited to see me and will make extra effort to say hello like we are long lost friends!  And I'm not sure why.  I've known him for over 25 years and I know he is for real; but I don't think I have ever done anything to deserve his love for me.   So every time I see Greg, I am reminded of how Jesus loves me too.

I love my husband because of all the small (and sometimes big) things he does for our me and my kids each and every week  to help make us and our household be the very best:  He prays for us, makes sure we get to church (on time),  does our laundry, gets gas in my car, does the dishes, picks ups, pays the bills,  tells us he loves us,  challenges us to do and be more, …….  I love him because he works so hard to support our family and build his business.   I love him because he is positive, passionate, confident, motivated, adventurous, a risk taker (even though he scares me sometimes) and generous.  I love that he loves the church, people and most importantly Jesus. I love him because after all the ups and downs of the last 25 years I would still choose him.  And after 25 years he still looks pretty good!

Energy should be Greg Hawk’s middle name. Every time he comes into a room, he makes everyone feel excited, empowered, and ready to take on whatever life my throw at you. For as long as I can remember, Greg has always been there and has given me great advice and direction. He’s the voice of reason that everyone maybe doesn’t want to hear, but knows they need to hear it!

If everyone had a heart as big as Greg’s, every community would be a better place.

I love my dad because he’s infectiously optimistic and scarily outgoing. He’s always encouraging and supportive of me. (Plus, if I ask enough, he’ll usually buy my dinner ;) )

I love him because of the way he intentionally lives each day with a joy that is infectious. He never settles for mediocrity he always tries for greatness. He holds you to the same standard and pushes you to be a better versions of yourself.

I love him because he is selfless in the way he tries to makes you happy before pleasing himself.

Greg Hawks is an energetic friend who exhibits a strong commitment to his clients. He loves his family very well! He is funny, loud, makes me smile and loves him some Jesus big time!

Greg is an eager listener and a devoted friend. Because he has chosen to be comfortable in his own skin, he lives as a continual learner who is comfortable with introspection. He makes me think more deeply about what I do and why I do it. He challenges me to dismiss conventional thinking. I am ever grateful for his friendship.

Enthusiasm, honesty, intentionality and humor have all come together as one in Greg Hawks. This man can make you laugh, think, question yourself and believe in yourself in the space of about 3 minutes. He’s the rare kind of friend/person that you want and need to be around. This is a good man!

Greg, you're loved my friend. You can high five yourself now. 

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