2 pounds and How?

Hello. Thanks for clicking on the link and reading. I wanted to share a goal I have for 2018 and for February. They go together. 

And, I want to share with you HOW I will accomplish the goal. 

The goal for the year is to drop 24 pounds. I'm breaking that down to 2 pounds a month. I think that's doable. 

If you're wondering, I currently weigh 222.1 On January 2, 2018, I weighted 225.6. 

At the end of the year, I want to weigh 200 pounds. 

donuts .jpg

Here is how I'm working on losing the 2 pounds in February:

  1. Workout daily. I wear an Apple Watch and it has these circles that I try to close daily. It makes working out fun and challenging. I want to close all 3 circles every day this month. 
  2. Track my calorie intake. I use an app called Fitness Pal to track my calories. It's so hard to do this consistently but I always have good success when I do track.
  3. Intermittent fasting 7 days a week. I use an app called Zero to track my fasting. The app has helped me big time.  
  4. Stay away from sugar. Let me tell myself that one more time - STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR. 

I use an app called Productive to track mostly everything. I like to look over it each month to see how consistent I am in the things that matter to me. 

Those on are my 3 things for this month to help me knock off 2 pounds. I got this!

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