Emily Carpenter | Guthrie Upper Elementary School

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Tell the world your name. 

Emily Carpenter

Where do you teach?

Guthrie Upper Elementary School

How long have you been teaching?

This is my 15th year teaching.

What grade do you teach?

4th and 5th Grade Math Intervention

What's your favorite school supply?

A brand new sharpened pencil with a great eraser. I try to always start the day with containers of sharpened pencils for my students and they often grab a new eraser for the top of their pencils. Something as small as a good pencil can really impact student learning.

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

My 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Black. She was an amazing fun teacher who taught me to work hard. One of my favorite memories is of when she read novels out-loud to us. She instilled a love of reading that I still have today.

What is your super power to be able to rock out the work you do?

My super power must be to spread knowledge to all types of learners. Over the years I have realized that children learn in all types of ways. Once a child realizes that you really are ther for them, they become sponges to learning. If they fail or succeed, they always know you will have their back. Not giving up on a child is a super power all in it's own.

What made you want to teach?

I always loved school. I was lucky to have great teachers who made learning fun. They captivated my attention, pushed me to work hard, and made me feel special. Along with my educational experiences my family of educators also influenced my decision to become a teacher. Hearing and seeing all of the ways teaching gives back to a person was something I didn't want to miss.

What gets you up everyday to go give your all to teaching?

The kids I teach! I'm invested in my students. I want to see them engage in activities that will impact their success with math. We really do have a good time in class. My students know I want the best for them and genuinely care about their success.

If you could change one thing about education, what would you change?

I wish I could take away the stress and worry testing gives to educational stakeholders.

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Teachers are...: 

Like diamonds in the rough. Teachers will always look out for children, regardless of what challenges occur in education.

What is one tip you would share to be a successful teacher?

Be a good listener. Listening to your students will strengthen your relationship and open the doors to learning.

What would you do if you were not teaching?

I would be a professional traveler, hahaha.

The last time you cried at the end of the day teaching was because of what?

Probably the day school let out for summer. I let out a cry of happiness for every teacher in our building. No, but in all honestly days can be good and bad. Some days things don't go as planned, struggles happen, and life gets real. I wish I could take away the hunger, pain, loneliness, and emotional havoc I see on so many students' faces.

Who inspires you in your work and why?

I'm inspired by all of the hard working teachers I work around. Teamwork is important. I'm glad I have an opportunity to work with so many amazing teachers.

How would you describe a conversation with one of your students?

Students walk in my room time to time inquisitive about what they will be learning. If manipulatives or games are spread out they excitedly say, "Mrs. Carpenter is this for us!" It's a great thing to make learning fun for my students.

What is it that the world does not know about teachers?

Teachers have excellent memories and really do have eyes in the back of their heads.

Share your biggest joy teaching as of today?

It's crazy how quickly time flies by. Over the years I have taught many children. They may not realize it, but I still hold a special place in my heart for each of them. My biggest joy is to hear stories or see them experiencing success of their own.

One thing that makes you smile?

Witnessing kind acts from students.... opening a door for others, saying they are sorry when they know they should, seeing a child befriend a lonely student at recess, sharing, saying thank you, helping another clean up a mess, or simply being a crutch for their best friend at recess when they scrape their knee. Moments like these make me smile.

Give me a name and school of another teacher I should interview that doesn't teach at your school.

Mrs. Ice at the Junior High! She is my step-daughter's Science teacher, has been on the news receiving a grant from an OK bank, and was recently chosen as teacher of the month for the district! She reminds me of Mrs. Frizzle from the books/cartoons The Magic School Bus.