What is a Go Win Motivator and do you have one?

For the record, that's my mom and she has been a Go Win Motivator for me all of my life. Jump below and read what a Go Win Motivator consist of. 

By the way, before you go any further, I BELIEVE IN YOU. Your story MATTERS. 

son and mom having fun.

Here we go. Here is a list of things I believe makes someone a Go Win Motivator. You should have one in your life. Maybe a couple.

There is no order here. 

  1. They remind you of who you are in Christ.
  2. They remind you of what the scriptures say about you.
  3. They pray for you.
  4. They listen to you.
  5. They remind you that you can do it. 
  6. They will cry with you. 
  7. They will laugh with you.
  8. They text you out the blue with encouraging words.
  9. They share resources with you that help you go further better down the road.
  10. They let you know when you're wrong.
  11. They celebrate your wins with you.
  12. They help you discover the right things you need to be consistent to achieve your wins.
  13. They are a fan of the work you do in such a way that they spread your story. 

Get one as soon as you can. If you already have one or two or three, text them now and thank them for being your Go Win Motivator

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