7 kind of people you want in your life

This will be quick. Jump below the photo for the 7. Text the 7 and thank them for being these people in your life. 

Yes, I think one person could be multiple of these things in your life. Always know, I'm not saying these are exact. I'm just writing to help me think but I do believe this and it's something to consider.

Go read below.


Wait. One more time. It is said you're the average of the 7 people you spend the most time with in life. Actually, I think they say 5. 

Here are the 7 you want to consistently be around in life:

  1. You need to be around someone who has great enthusiasm about life. This is contagious and it will help you keep this same approach to life. People like following people who are enthusiastic about life.
  2. You need to have someone in your life that notices you. This person is like a fan of your life. They track your every move. They make you feel good about yourself. 
  3. We all need that person that will show us grace when we fall off the bandwagon. Sometimes you will find yourself on an island when you make the biggest mistakes in life but having someone that will show you grace will be all you need sometimes to get going again. My mom has always been this person for me. They typically are. 
  4. You need that positive attitude person in your life. This person keeps you from going to the dark side. They give you all the right reasons to keep moving forward. You're never running out of water with a cup half full kind of person around. 
  5. You need that person that will give the shirt off their back to you if you need it. They are willing to give whatever is needed to help you go further down the road in your dreams or just to get you in a good place in life. 
  6. Yep. You must have someone that just expects great things to happen. These are the people that wake up expecting miracles to happen. They expect to change the world. They have great faith. Get around this person immediately. 
  7. You have to have a DO person in your life. And it may not be that they're doing for you all the time but it's just good to watch DOER get things done in their lives and in the lives of others and on their job and so on. It's motivating to be around a person that is just a DO whatever it takes. aka a hustler. 

Do you have these 7 people in your life? Are you consistently around them? 

Go Win is all about continuing or starting those things that make you successful spiritually and personally. 

Who do you need to continue to be around? Who do you need to start being around?