5 "Right People" for the WIN(S)


When I host a Go Win Workshop, I talk about who are the "right people" you need to be consistently around in order to achieve the win(s) you want for your life.

The win(s) when achieved or successfully gone after is what allows for your story to be GREATER. 

People are key. The "right people" are key and you need to be around them consistently. So, I have a section in the Go Win Workbook just for writing down YOUR five people and why they're the "right people." 

I personally have different people in my life that impact my story in different ways for different wins.

  1. Winning in my marriage.
  2. Winning in my job.
  3. Winning in living a healthier life.
  4. Winning in having fun.
  5. Winning in my personal growth.

Different "right people" for different wins! Just know the who and why.

Feel free to write down your five today at some point. Do it now.

When thinking about being around these people consistently, it could be...

  1. Daily
  2. Weekly
  3. Monthly
  4. Quarterly
  5. Every 6 months

You have to decide and discover that right rhythm for success - to get the greatest return out of the relationship.

This could be...

  1. In person.
  2. In a group setting.
  3. Factime.
  4. Over the phone.
  5. Written content. I read Seth Godin's blog weekly. 

What is the win? Who are the people? Write it down.

Write down both today. Share them with me at heady@communitywins.us. 

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