Why Your Community Loves You Billy Clark

I just want to see people celebrate individuals in their community. I thought getting people to say why they love a certain individual would be cool. It should also make that person smile and that's always a win.

It should also allow for them to learn just how much they mean to their community. It should inspire them to keep going. It should make them feel connected.

It should helps us cultivate community. 

Billy Clark is a husband and father. He works for Eskridge Chevrolet in #GuthrieAmerica. 


Here are some reasons your community loves you Billy! 

  • I love Billy Clark because he always thinks of others before himself. Billy is a friend to anyone he meets and has the most genuine personality. He is also the most fun loving guy I know!! I happen to be married to him but I know everyone who knows Billy would say the same thing. He lives every day to the fullest and takes care of his people. 
  • Billy is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. He is always ready to jump in and help with whatever needs to be done. He loves others and is just plan fun to be around. 😊😊 
  • Billy is fun!  Likes to have a good time!  But he’s also very generous and caring.  Very giving in the community.  A great combination!😍 
  • Billy has great energy and it rubs off on others around him. His enthusiasm for our community is top notch. 
  • Billy is one of those individuals who makes every single person he interacts with, feel like a friend...even if he just met you. He is passionate about connecting with people and making a difference. His smile never leaves his face and his loyalty for his community is strong and impactful. He is the best! 
  • Billy is a selfless, caring person. Whenever we visit, he always asks how I am and means it! Now caring aside, he's a blast to hang around. I always have fun with Billy and that's so encouraging. Billy is just an amazing fun, funny, caring person. 
  • Billy - you have a way to make everyone around you smile and laugh. I have never met a more giving person and we should create a Billy Clark Day in Guthrie to celebrate you! I am truly honored to call you a friend. Guthrie is a better place because of you. 
  • Billy Clark makes Chamber coffees a lot of fun, especially when he and his Chamber buddies are all there together. 
  • Billy is easy to love.  One of the most genuine people I've ever been around. He is a believer and a follower of God and is extremely involved in the community and is always willing to help when help is needed. If this world had mode Billy Clark's it would be a much better place. 
  • My Family loves Billy because he is an amazing person.  Always willing to help someone out without any hesitation.  Always has a smile on his face when he says hi. If you have a conversation with him you will walk away with a smile.  He just makes you feel better.  His laugh is contagious and is just a down to earth person. 
  • Billy is such a great person. He has sold me my last 2 vehicles, and has treated me well during the process. More than that, Billy is a friend. He is active in the Guthrie community and cares for kids. I love his smile and his heart to serve others.   Thanks Billy, for all you do for Guthrie. 
  • Billy has the heart of a lion. He is always willing to help the community out whether it is financially or by volunteering his time. Billy’s spirited personality is contagious and lights up the room when he is around! 
  • Billy Clark is one of a kind! His enthusiasm for service and dedication to our community and his business are shining examples for us all. Thank you for your generosity, caring and contagious personality.  We love you! 
  • Great sense of humor! 
  • Billy is the kindest person I have ever met. He will go through anything to help someone he loves. It is really hard to find someone like that but that is him! And if you meet him you will know what I am talking about. 
  • Billy is a wonderful person whom meets no stranger. He is community oriented and goes out of his way to help his fellow man. When he is around he brightens the room.  Billy is kind and a joy to know. 
  • Billy is so funny, sweet and thoughtful! He has so much energy and is always going out of his way to help others! 
  • Billy is always willing to do whatever he can to help anyone in the community whether it be his time or business. He probably doesn’t know it, but he influences  people to keep moving forward even in the little things he says. He made my wife and I feel like our depot endeavor was worth it with his words of encouragement and it went a long way within our hearts. 
  • When I first came to work in Guthrie, Billy was so welcoming and seemed to genuinely care about getting to know me. He is so involved in the community and does whatever he can to help make Guthrie a great place! 
  • I appreciate Billy’s commitment to the community and sense of humor. He is enjoyable to be around and work with! 
  • Billy your smile is contagious and your hugs are amazing my friend!!! You always offer both no matter where I see you.  I am not only proud to call you my friend I am honored!!! 
  • Nobody makes me laugh like Billy!!! But the thing I like the most is - just when you least expect it - he leaves you speechless with the kindest gesture you’ve ever seen.

We love you Billy Clark!

Keep being a person that does the right thing by people. As you can see, you're making a difference.