Dan Loves Community

I got the opportunity to present Dan with the Jon Gummerson Lifetime Achievement Award and I was so honored to do so.

I asked several people how the man I say is like my second father makes an impact on his community. I used these responses to present him the award.

I thought they worth sharing because I always love to celebrate people! Who can you celebrate today?

 Have fun reading and be inspired!


Name: Billy Clark

Dan makes community impact by...: When I talk to Dan I feel as if I’m the only person in the room. He is a godly man who cares for everyone. I love this man and enjoy sharing the “naughty “ table with him at rotary.

Name: Maggie Clark

Dan makes community impact by...: “That is awesome”
This is the thing that I hear Dan say more than anything. And he is always right. Dan gives so much love and support to all the people who know him. He makes me feel like a rockstar when I get to be around him.

Name: Alane Zannotti

Dan makes community impact by...: Having the wonderful gift of relationship building so he is able to connect the right people to efforts being done in Guthrie. I am not sure there is anything in Guthrie that, at one time or another, has not been touched by this man in some manner. 😊

Name: Courtney Mclemore

Dan makes community impact by...: Everything he does and everyone he comes into contact with. There is a reason he has won so many Citizen of the Year Awards. Dan is one of a kind. Even on his worst day, he was still making sure others had what they needed. If you are around him - he makes you want to be a better person and I am a better person for knowing and having a friend like Dan.

Name: H C Patel

Dan makes community impact by...: Caring and positive approach

Name: Deanna Madole

Dan makes community impact by...: Being genuinely happy. Even though heartbreaking times in his life, he keeps smiling. It’s hard to have a bad day after being around Dan even for a few minutes. He is a true inspiration to everyone he meets!

Name: Paul Stewart

Dan makes community impact by...: Lovin’ his friends

Name: Shayla Simpson

Dan makes community impact by...: Loving those around him and wanting to make their lives better and more joyous! Filled with a smile or a hug, oh how I miss those hugs and those smiles!! He cares with his whole heart and genuinely wants to see your life, your day, your moments made better! He knows that you may be one person but that you can change the world around you with every act of kindness and love!!

Name: James Long

Dan makes community impact by...: being involved. Dan is a business leader that has led by example. Being active with the Chamber and with Rotary as well as his and Chucks hard work into making Gassers and Geezers a great family event.

Name: Greg Hudson

Dan makes community impact by...: being involved in everything and taking his smile with him!

Name: Mike Simpson

Dan makes community impact by...: being amazingly supportive of others regardless of the cause if it benefits our community.

Name: Bernie Ferguson

Dan makes community impact by...:Dan is a special man. He loves God, Family, Friends, Country, and his beloved community of Guthrie. Dan makes an impact wherever he goes. He is a strong man of God, and he loves people. Easily approachable and always looking to make a new friend. I am Blessed to be a part of Dan’s extended family.

Name: Kristal Flury

Dan makes community impact by...: his selflessness and his love to see others smile and be happy!!!!

Name: Linda Miller

Dan makes community impact by...: Being kind and generous to everyone he meets. If someone has a need, he works to fix it. He shares his faith with those who are struggling or searching. His smile is a huge impact on our community! The first time he ever walked into the Edward Jones office, a calmness came over me. I didn’t know him, but I knew it was going to be a great partnership. With Dan, you know Guthrie matters!

Name: Steve Becker

Dan makes community impact by...: being present and genuinely excited to be around people.

Hey Dan! You’re a difference maker in the town we love so much.