GuthrieAmerica - Stephanie Lee

 Where were you born specifically?

I was born at Deaconess in Oklahoma City, but lived in Virginia for most of my youth. I moved back to Oklahoma as a junior in high school.


When did you move to Guthrie?

My husband, David, and I moved to SE Logan county by the Lazy E in February 2015. My husband is from Shawnee and I had lived in Edmond most of my adult life, so this was our "country" compromise. We still intended to do everything in Edmond until we went to Guthrie for a Christmas event in downtown Guthrie and found out how awesome the people are.

What's your favorite Guthrie-related memory?

I don't know that I've lived here long enough to have something that really stands out, but the first Christmas we lived here we came into town for one of the events. My daughter, Rowan, was only 7 and there was a guy on a motorcycle that was dressed like Santa with Mrs. Clause that gave her a teddy bear and she just felt so special that strangers were so nice and giving. She had also declared she was going to learn to play the violin because of the young girls that were playing them.

What's the best part about living in Guthrie?

The best part of Guthrie is the community. People know one another, they are welcoming to everyone, and they are so giving to each other in their times of hardship and sadness, as well as in their celebrations.


What does Guthrie have that other towns don't?

I'll refer back to my answer above. The community. With that, the events that Guthrie has are like no other. Red Brick Nights, 89er days, the car shows, all of the Christmas events really make Guthrie stand out.

Are you a GHS alumni?

Sadly, no. When I moved to Oklahoma my junior year, I went to Moore HS. That May I lost my house in a tornado, so I had to hurry to find a school at the end of the summer. I ended up going to Midwest City HS to finish out the Air Force JROTC program that I had started in Virginia.

Where do you currently work and how long?

I am currently a partner at Coppermark Public Adjusters. I decided to do this in September 2018. It was not a decision that came easily, but after my background as an insurance company adjuster and then contractor, I could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch policyholders get taken advantage of. I really felt like it was time to become their advocate.


What do you love most about your job?

The best part of what I do is helping people. We all know that insurance is a very expensive product and the majority of the time it's not there when people need it most. Far too often claims are wrongfully denied or grossly underpaid. We make sure they get what they are entitled to in order to make them whole again.

Do you have family here? If so explain...

The only family here in Guthrie is myself, my husband David, my 11 year old daughter Rowan, and my 1 year old son Henry. My husband's immediate family bought a bit of land in Perkins, so they come to a few events in Guthrie too. My daughter is in 5th grade a GUES. She still misses her friends from Edmond, but says she really loves Guthrie schools.

How did you first hear or learn about the GuthrieAmerica brand?

I can't even remember because it's everywhere. I see it all over Facebook, at church, all over town, even in Edmond and Stillwater.

Why do you wear GuthrieAmerica tee?

I wear my shirt because it lets people know who we are and that I'm proud to call Guthrie home. It starts conversations and I get to talk about all of the great people, businesses, and events in Guthrie. It's also really comfortable.

What are your favorite things to do in Guthrie?

This would have to be a tie between Red Brick Nights because I love summer and music and all of the Christmas events because that's my favorite holiday. I especially love that everyone dresses the part!

How would you define what it means when you hear or say COMMUNITY WINS?

To me, community wins means the more we come together as a community, the more we win. We win with fellowship that becomes friendship that turns into family.

Anything significant about your life you would like to share?

Since adopting the town of Guthrie as home, we started attending North Church Guthrie. I am most honored to serve in NorthKIDS where I get the opportunity to teach our kids the foundation of a great community.

Lastly, we love SHOUT OUTS! Who do you want to give a shout out to?

SHOUT OUT to all of the people that make Guthrie what it is! From the schools to the churches to the businesses and on and on. We wouldn't be who we are without you!


Wait, one more. What does it mean to CHOOSE GUTHRIE?

CHOOSE GUTHRIE means choosing community and making it the best place to live for years to come!