Over 300 things teachers/staff look forward to this year

Thought I would share this list of things teachers and staff are looking forward to this 2018/2019 school year in GuthrieAmerica. This list made me smile. I'm really hoping that they get plenty of support from parents and the community.


What are you most excited about this school year?

  1. Students
  2. The changes to our elementary schools
  3. Growth... despite the growing pains along the way!
  4. Working with my teachers to help serve our kids!
  5. Everything
  6. Watching teachers make a difference in our students life’s.
  7. New faces
  8. New neighborhood schools
  9. Neighborhood school transition
  10. My daughter is a freshman and is playing in the band!
  11. New school; new teachers!
  12. All the changes! Neighborhood schools, Charter Oak, new staff members.
  13. To see all my coworkers again.
  14. To work with administrators, teachers and parents on the positive shift to neighborhood schools.
  15. All of the changes!
  16. To get started!
  17. The neighborhood school adventure
  18. Working with new people, in a new position!
  19. The new adventure!!!
  20. Teaching students in my community.
  21. All the new changes
  22. Neighborhood schools
  23. I enjoy getting to see how much the kids grow there minds from the beginning of school to the end of the school year.
  24. Neighborhood schools and my daughter’s junior year in high school.
  25. The change to neighborhood schools and getting to know new people!
  26. Getting to know my new coworkers and students!
  27. Opening the new Intergenerational Pre-K at Golden Age Nursing Home
  28. Firming new relationships with the staff, students, and parents
  29. Making new friends
  30. Neighborhood Schools
  31. Meeting new students and staff
  32. New beginnings!
  33. Neighborhood schools
  34. The new layout
  35. Neighborhood schools!!
  36. Getting to see the kids!!!
  37. Welcoming the new students
  38. I am most excited about the change to neighborhood schools. I feel this is going to be great for our students.
  39. All the new changes
  40. I can’t wait to meet new students and help them fall in love with music!
  41. Meeting our new students!
  42. Getting to know my new colleagues since we transitioned to neighborhood schools. Also meeting my new kids, of course!!
  43. Working in the Pre-k at the Nursing Home.
  44. Getting to know my students as we work together learning, growing, and having fun!
  45. Having families together at one school!
  46. Working in a new school with excited teachers, students and administration.
  47. New students
  48. Seeing and higing all the kiddos
  49. Making a difference in kids’ lives!
  50. Being in first grade!
  51. Seeing kids smiling faces
  52. Working at a brand new school.
  53. Seeing all the kids!
  54. I can’t wait to meet my new students and begin a journey of learning reading, math and social skills through play.
  55. A new start!
  56. Teaching a new grade level and getting to know new colleagues!
  57. All new everything!!!!
  58. Making learning fun for kids and helping them succeed.
  59. New kitchen!
  60. Meeting my wonderful students and the new school! 
  61. I am super excited about meeting a brand new group of awesome kindergarteners and seeing their bright, eager faces each day. They can always make me smile!  And I can’t wait to help them learn to be their best!!I am also excited about having my classroom in the new school.
  62. Meeting me students!
  63. Meeting the kids!
  64. The new school
  65. Coming back to Guthrie to teach the students in my own community and teaching a different grade level in a brand new school.
  66. Meeting all the students.
  67. Serving others
  68. This will be my first year teaching! I’m excited to see what this adventure brings!
  69. Having the opportunity to be a light for 40 precious 4 year olds and their families!
  70. Building a new strong school community that supports staff, students and their families.
  71. New School
  72. Meeting my new students!!!
  73. New school, new kids, new experiences:)
  74. New school! New faces!  New friends!
  75. I can’t wait to see the students reaction when they step into a brand new school/classroom; and not having deep clean, paint or scrounge around for furniture or materials before school begins.
  76. Work at the new school
  77. The new friends I will make this year and the great time I will have with my students!
  78. Charter Oak
  79. The transition to neighborhood elementary schools.
  80. A fresh start, new faces and our new elementary school.
  81. New school!  New coworkers! 
  82. Creating a relationship with the kids!
  83. Having lots of grades at one school!
  84. Helping to make our transition to neighborhood schools comfortable and welcoming for our new families.
  85. All the new changes.
  86. Meeting my students.
  87. Meeting my kids!!
  88. All of the new changes. Seeing former students that we had in Kindergarten and seeing how they have grown!
  89. Seeing all of the children's smiles and embracing all of the changes within the district.
  90. It is my first year teaching so Im excited to see how things go and getting my career started in the best field! 😁
  91. Meeting all of my new students!
  92. My newly redone library
  93. Mentoring a new teacher
  94. The transition to neighborhood schools, watching the students learn and grow.
  95. New school, new students
  96. Meeting my new kids!!!
  97. Seeing all of the students!
  98. Hearing the laughter of children!
  99. The new little faces
  100. Working with students of different ages!  Go Jays!
  101. Learning, compassion, fun!
  102. New position
  103. Embracing Change
  104. New Beginnings!!!
  105. Meeting the students
  106. Meeting my students! I have attended some workshops to improve my teaching and can't wait to show my students, along with the change of having neighborhood school I feeling so refreshed! Change is good!!
  107. New grade levels to teacher.
  108. To see the kids again
  109. Meeting my new students
  110. To watch a new group of kiddos grow and learn!
  111. My new little Kinder faces on the first day of school!
  112. "Getting to know my new students!
  113. I'm ready for fresh starts and new beginnings. This is my favorite time of the school year!
  114. Getting my new babies and watching them grow.
  115. Being with some amazing students!
  116. New building new staff!!!
  117. Seeing my new kiddos and teaching them lots of fun stuff!
  118. New faces
  119. Meeting my new class of Mick-Nuggets!! Can't wait to see who they are and learn together...AND seeing my Nuggets from last year grow in 4th grade!
  120. See the students again
  121. New adventures
  122. Seeing the change in the kids. Being the change.
  123. New Beginnings for EVERYONE 😊
  124. Seeing all of the kids!
  125. Working with a new staff and new principal! I think we are all going to work well together and I can’t wait to start the new school year with everyone!
  126. Meeting all of my new students 🙂
  127. Meeting new little faces!!
  128. Meeting my kids and making them smile 😊
  129. Everything is new!
  130. The students
  131. Going to neighborhood schools seeing all the children faces some new some not. But still excited to meet and geeet each and everyone of them.
  132. Getting to know my students!
  133. New experiences
  134. New beginnings
  135. Life
  136. My new job and getting to know my new co-workers! 
  137. Starting another exciting year !
  138. Starting a new job and getting to know people. 
  139. Coming back to my hometown!
  140. New adventures
  141. Working with new staff
  142. The chance to mentor, advise and help our students become successful young adults.
  143. Having a great year!
  144. Seeing all the students, new and returning!!
  145. I’m excited to get to teach new grades!
  146. My freshly painted classroom
  147. The kids and our raises!!! Thanks so much :)
  148. Bigger and better goals!!
  149. Everything
  150. I am excited about bringing more positive cheerfulness to the High School and making more students more confident in themselves. 
  151. New freshmen coming into my program mixing with my already great drama students!
  152. Working with new curriculum 
  153. It's my first year!  Should be fun!  :)
  154. Seeing how great all the changes will be for the kids
  155. Hopefully, positively impacting my new students.
  156. Seeing my babies!!!!
  157. Our ASD special blue jays
  158. The obvious for me are the hours and breaks coming from a very stressful job. But I’m excited to be back in the school system and meeting new people.
  159. New math curriculum
  160. I love seeing how much the kids have grown over the summer. 
  161. Meeting my students!
  162. New beginnings for everybody!
  163. Shining God’s light among staff, parents and students, plus working with kids who really need someone to love them!
  164. new students
  165. This is my first year teaching, I’m excited to meet my kids.
  166. Seeing new and old students and how much they will progress through the year. Also working with amazing people.
  167. Seeing my students!
  168. Teaching kids to love Math.
  169. Seeing my students and my teacher family!
  170. The Kids :))!!
  171. I’m excited to incorporate some new units in my class! I think the kids are going to love it!
  172. Watching the students grow
  173. Band all day.
  174. Getting back into the classroom after taking a year off! I missed teaching!
  175. Being a librarian and helping kids love to read!!!
  176. My kids I missed them
  177. All of the new changes going on throughout the district and GUES!
  178. This is my first year teaching so I’m most excited about having my own classroom and seeing what I’m great at and what areas I need to improve in!
  179. New teammates and meeting my kids.
  180. Getting to know the new students!
  181. We’re changing it UP!
  182. Meeting my kids and parents!!
  183. Meeting all the new students and teachers and making something positive happen every day.
  184. Working at a new school
  185. New staff, new students and new building!
  186. Getting with the kids!
  187. New Student Projects
  188. Watching the teachers inspire students.
  189. I can’t wait to see my kids smiles and hear their stories of what they did on summer break.
  190. My students!
  191. Working with ASD students
  192. I am always excited about showing my Father's love for special needs kids.
  193. Starting a new opportunity at the Junior High! It's going to be a great year!
  194. NEW year. I love the idea of NEW beginnings, new ideas, new students.
  195. Seeing my students.
  196. New kids
  197. New beginnings.
  198. Seeing my students
  199. Teaching students
  200. Working with teens that I used to check books out to as 4th, 5th& 6th graders!
  201. Teaching the students!!
  202. Help the kids that need extra love and support!
  203. Getting to know my students! 
  204. New beginnings.
  205. The schools and community working together.
  206. My students!
  207. Seeing the students that I've missed over the summer.
  208. My students!
  209. For it to start! lol
  210. Meeting everyone and getting started in this career!
  211. Teaching in a new district!
  212. To do projects with the kids!
  213. Meeting all my new students.
  214. Helping my students develop an appreciation for learning!
  215. Meeting my new students!
  216. New technology from a 5k grant that I received for the students
  217. Making an impact on the lives of students.
  218. Talking to the returning students and meeting the new ones!
  219. Meeting all the fantastic teachers and students at the junior high
  220. Reconnecting with the kids!
  221. I am most excited about meeting my students!
  222. Football!
  223. Routine
  224. New Beginnings!  Everyone gets a fresh start!
  225. Working with my students to see them grow
  226. Students
  227. Different obligations with a variety of students and staff. 
  228. New school!
  229. Being a light for Jesus
  230. 25th year of teaching in Guthrie
  231. Seeing the students again and the start of a new year.
  232. The late start! Lol. New relationships.
  233. New adventures and meeting new people!
  234. Science !
  235. Meeting new students, November
  236. Seeing my nephew start his freshman year :)
  237. The students!
  238. Teaching the kids I have taught at the junior high the last four years again, but in high school! How cool is that?!
  239. New beginnings
  240. New beginnings - every year excites me
  241. Opening young minds to new ideas and goals!
  242. Sports, getting to know the kids and graduation!
  243. Seeing all the kids
  244. Meeting my new students and watching them grow in knowledge. 
  245. Football
  246. Working with my sister and seeing my son start his freshman year of high school
  247. The kids
  248. Teaching the kids
  249. Getting to work the wonderful students and community!
  250. New year
  251. Seeing my students learn and be creative
  252. Meeting the students!
  253. Getting to know the kids in my classes.
  254. Getting to know my new students.
  255. Teaching a new subject.
  256. Getting to teach my first year!
  257. Starting a new position and seeing all the kids smiling(or frowining) faces this year! Go Guthrie!
  258. Another election year to teach to my Gov't students
  259. Seeing the kids again!
  260. Opening a new school!
  261. New textbooks!
  262. Helping my students and hopefully making a positive difference in their lives!!
  263. I want this to be a positive year and I want students to know that someone does care about them.
  264. Helping kids love library
  265. "That's it's a brand new school district
  266. for me."
  267. The new student
  268. The pay raise
  269. I am excited about the opportunity to help my students improve their reading comprehension skills and, hopefully, open some eyes to the world of reading for pleasure. 
  270. Meeting all my students!
  271. First year teaching! Ready to make a difference!
  272. Learning and positive change
  273. My new class
  274. Watching each teacher become somebody’s hero!
  275. Teaching a new (to me) subject. Thanks for the t-shirt!
  276. Getting to see our new students!
  277. The kids!
  278. All the new changes! And too meet some new kids and see all their smiling faces!! Everyday of the school year I wake up eager to go to work to do my job!! I’m excited to be part of Guthrie School Staff!
  279. Everything
  280. See the kids
  281. Show choir!
  282. New school
  283. New school
  284. New School
  285. So many wonderful changes that I believe will make learning better for our students
  286. Our new Elementary School
  287. New Tech possibilities
  288. The future
  289. A new driver
  290. Changes
  291. To see the kids
  292. A new year
  293. Starting over!
  294. Working
  295. D. All of the above!!!!!!
  296. Change
  297. New Routes
  298. Not as many bus repairs
  299. The happy faces of the children.
  300. Getting to see the excitement in the kids.
  301. Thankful for a new year
  302. The Kids are back in School.
  303. My new position
  304. Changes
  305. My new route
  306. New Route and kids
  307. Seeing the kids you have watched grow up
  308. Seeing my students again
  309. Meeting new students and old ones
  310. Meeting new students
  311. Shorter bus rides for the kids
  312. The happy faces of the children
  313. New Beginings
  314. A safe school year
  315. Helping students get better future
  316. I get to see the new school
  317. Kids are back in school
  318. Thankful for a new year
  319. Seeing all the kids
  320. New school
  321. Summer
  322. New Route
  323. Just moved here from Flordia and looking forward to this new experience
  324. Meeting of my students!
  325. positive thinking
  326. New bus route
  327. Seeing the kids
  328. I am super excited about having neighborhood schools!