About Me

I am thankful that you are interested in learning more about who I am and what I do. The "why" for me is to see every live out their greatest story. When people are living out their greatest story, we have better communities - a better world.

I'm married to an amazing woman named Bernadette. We have 3 amazing children. God has blessed me to be the location Pastor at NORTHCHURCH Guthrie. I'm starting a non-profit called Motivating Teachers. I get great joy out of speaking to small and large audiences.

I'm a fan of people. 

Someone once said this about me:

"Heady Coleman is one amazing man! The scope of his personal and professional capacity astounds me. His willingness to engage, give, create and lead is an example for anyone wanting to impact humanity. From his current and past work in non-profit service in Love_OKC to his community building with Shipwreck Talks to his people development with #GoWin to his entrepreneurial empowerment with GuthrieAmerica to his business development as Chamber CEO - take a breath - the guy does it all with grace, humility and a smile. Did I mention he’s the most encouraging person on the planet too and is the Citizen of the Year in Guthrie Oklahoma? It would be to your good fortune to connect with him. Your life will be enlarged!"

Someone once sent me a text that said:

"Spent the last week mentoring students at OKFFA camp and wore my Go Win shirt. Sat down at dinner one evening and a camper said "HEY! I know Go Win too!" He proceeded to tell the table with 15 campers about my shirt and your message. Keep making a difference!!! #GoWin"


The objective is to have the 5 of you answer roughly 10 questions that pulls out your story so the 4 other people can learn from it, be inspired by it and connect with you within the 90 minutes. The big picture for me is to see people adding value to one another that leads to a lasting relationship. Really really I want to grow a 5 STORIES COMMUNITY. That leads to WINNING for everyone.

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I get great pleasure out of supporting the teacher community. I'm dedicated to keeping teachers motivated to do the work they love and the world needs. Yearly teachers are investing in 30 students daily. Over ten years, that is 300 students. Educators makes a significant difference in the community.

Here are 3 ways I keep teachers motivated to do the work they love:

  1. To host dinners with teachers.
  2. To share interviews with teachers. 
  3. To host teacher only events. 


I work with community minded businesses to promote their involvement in the community and to simplify their sponsorship process through our partnership with Made Possible By. We also create workshops to help businesses cultivate their work community. 




I try to create and promote small and big events that I think leads to learning, inspiration and connecting that grows community. 


I believe that it's the people that make the community. When people learn about each other, inspire each other and connect with one another it grows community. I'm constantly sharing interviews to make these three things happen. I typically focus on interviewing teachers, everyday people in the community and how people work in their communities. 

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I'm always looking for some influencers to help push my community interviews on social media. I consider an influencer to be someone with a great social media following and is making a difference in the community through their work. Partnering with social media influencers is the practice of building relationships with the people who can build relationships for you. Whether an influencer's audience is small or large, an influencer can reach others via their blogs and social networks that you may not be able to. Help me change the WORLD.