Taylor Upchurch

Name: Taylor Upchurch

How long have you been teaching?: I just finished my tenth year.

Which school do you teach at?: Putnam City North High School

What's your favorite school supply?: Pilot G2 Mini Retractable Gel Ink Rolling Ball Pen, Green Ink

Favorite thing about teaching?: I want to say steak fingers, mashed potatoes, and gravy but...

I love when a student asks for advise about a non-academic issue. You've earned their trust. That relationship carries into thier academic achievements. Teaching subject matter is easy at that point.

Where did you go to college?: Oklahoma State University

Who was your favorite teacher? : Mr. Kyle Reynolds, Mr. Travis West, and Ms. Sandy Johnson

What's your one tip for teaching?: Have plenty of patience and grace.

How many apples have you gotten over the years?: Do apple jolly ranchers count?