GuthrieAmerica Story: Meet Jessie Bryan


Hello. My name is Jessie Bryan. My family and I have been here since 1983. I’m getting the opportunity to raise my two wonderful and amazing children in GuthrieAmerica.

I don’t have the opportunity to say I was born in GuthrieAmerica, but I was born just down the road in Oklahoma City. I was two years old when we moved from the Village in Oklahoma City to Guthrie. My parents wanted to raise their children in a small town.

One of my greatest memories about living in Guthrie happened when I was 13. I was finally allowed to go to the 89er’s Carnival with my friends. I rode every ride at least three times. It was a blast.

One of my favorite things about living in Guthrie is the people! I love to see how much the people in our community care about each other. Guthrie has rich history.

There was a moment when I left Guthrie right after high school. I moved to Oklahoma City but moved back after a year. Guthrie is my home.  

At the moment I don’t just live in Guthrie. I work for the City of Guthrie as the Purchasing Agent and I've been there a little more than two years. I am humbled to work with the great people who operate this fine city. My first job was as a sandwich artist at the Subway that was on South Division in Guthrie, which is now the home of our dancing Statue of Liberty.    

My first encounter with the GuthrieAmerica brand was on social media. Eventually, my best friend bought me my first GA tee. Since learning about the GA brand, I have learned about the great people involved with the brand. I support the vision of the brand to promote togetherness.

My GA tee is easy to wear because I love to sport Guthrie gear any chance I get, especially when doing one of my family’s favorite things to do, attending football on Friday nights.

We also enjoy doing things in Guthrie like going to the Beacon Drive-In during the summer and seeing a show at the Pollard Theater located downtown.

I want to give a shout out to Madi and Nathan!