GuthrieAmerica Stories: Carissa Redman


Hello. My name is Carissa Redman.

Seeing that Guthrie didn’t have a hospital that handled births, I had to be delivered in Oklahoma City. So, I can’t say that I was born and raised in Guthrie; however, I was shipped right to Guthrie after birth.

With that being said, I didn’t really have any choice in where I was raised. My mom gave me no choice.

Now, my favorite Guthrie-related memory was sitting in my great grandmother’s front yard on Oklahoma Avenue watching the 89er Parade; having fun with all my family, eating food and catching candy. Growing up here with these memories and with the best part of just living in Guthrie being my family, friendships and small town fun.

About half of my family lives in Guthrie. The other half elsewhere.

You will not find in other towns the unique and historical downtown buildings.

In 2001, I graduated from Guthrie High School. Not to brag or anything but I was a Valedictorian. I also played tennis and softball.

I did leave Guthrie for a few years. We actually left Oklahoma for a year during that time. Eventually, my husband took a job closer to Guthrie. It gave us the opportunity to settle right back in my hometown. This was about three years ago.

I worked for DHS for about eight years. I took a job with Logan County Health Department - Healthy Living Program in January.

I started learning about the GuthrieAmerica brand when I began to see tee-shirts around town. I was better informed when I began working more with the community.

I really don’t even think of GuthrieAmerica being a brand needless to say as us “hometown folk” often tell people, when asked, that I’m from GuthrieAmerica. Basically, I like it a lot. I wear my GuthrieAmerica tee to show pride and support my hometown along with hometown growth.

In Guthrie, I really like the downtown events. Also, I enjoy getting involved when and if possible.

You know life is full of ups and downs. You can let the downs get to you, but you just have to remember to put the past in the past (downs), so you can create your future (ups).

You have a choice to change; don’t let the wrong choices change you, only learn from them!

Wake up with a smile…it helps your day go by so much smoother!