Teacher Spotlight: Terry Bennett


Terry Bennett

Where do you teach?


How long have you been teaching?

10 years

Where did you go to college?  

Langston University

What's your favorite school supply?

My whistle!

Favorite thing about teaching?

My favorite thing about teaching and coaching is seeing the growth of my students and players. I also love the connection it allows me to have with a large amount of students in the district. I teach elementary, coach junior high football and I coach high school baseball so I feel like I get to have a big impact.

Who was your favorite teacher? Why?

I was lucky enough to have some amazing elementary teachers, too many to pick. Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Gassaway, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Underwood and Mrs. Bradley all were phenomenal!I also really enjoyed Mrs. Crooks in high school.

What's your one tip for teaching?

Make sure everything you do is about your students.

If you could change one thing about education, what would you change?

I don't teach a tested subject, but I think we are required to do way too much testing. I believe teachers are in some ways forced to teach to a test and in turn have to sacrifice some of their creativity.

If you didn't teach, what would you do?

I can't imagine not teaching, but if I didn't teach then I would probably just coach.

One thing that makes you smile?

Two things: my son Tre and hearing TOUCHDOWN BLUEJAYS!!!