Why They Love Derrick Sier

I'm starting something new on social media. I will take friends and share why people love them. I hope to do this weekly.

Why am I doing this because I'm a fan of making people feel valued and appreciated. I think it will be cool for people to read why people LOVE them without them asking. 

I'm starting with my friend Derrick Sier. Here are five reasons why people LOVE Derrick. 

love derrick sier.png


  1. "Derrick is a gift to his friends and our community by the genuine sincere heart that he brings each encounter.  You know when he joins you in conversation he is fully invested in listening to your heart, hearing your story, and caring for you as an individual."
  2. "I love his passion to see the people around them reach their max potential."
  3. "He encounters racism on a daily basis (if not daily almost) and instead of letting that racism fuel hate and racism and anger and more, he lets it fuel his stand up bits and story telling. All while smiling and laughing. It's admirable. More than admirable."
  4. "He is so much like Christ."
  5. "I really love his ability to connect- make people feel special & understood....how they are excited with anticipation when he arrives & are sad to see him go. He is really the epitome of that Maya Angelou quote, “people may not remember what you said/did but always remember how you made them feel.” Also, love that he has a desire to see that be a movement...to spread."


"I love Derrick because he's not afraid to be himself, no matter the setting."