Things to do with your time to get the most out of life

That title is too long. And, I decided to write this after taking the photo in this post.

That clock is one of my favorite things about downtown Guthrie Oklahoma. However, I have a bunch of favorite things about Guthrie in general.

After walking past this clock and taking the photo I begin to think about time. It's so precious and goes by fast.

I'm current making some changes on how I use my time in order to make more quality time for my children. I use to be a big fan of taking my children to school and I still am but I think starting my work day earlier and letting my good looking wife take them to school is better now that they're older.

This way I can be home with them in the evenings with no real distractions.

We will see. 


Now. Here are a few things you should do with your time: 

  1. Spend time in God's Word like reading the Bible, meditating on scriptures, discussing it with friends, etc.  
  2. Planning your days based on the goals you have set for yourself. 
  3. Learning by either reading, podcast, seminars, etc. Or a combination of things. 
  4. Spending time with friends and family. 
  5. Serving in your community and church. I see them as different. However you could serve your community via your church.  
  6. Sharing things you have learned.  
  7. Reviewing your progress towards the WINS you have for your life. 
  8. Discovering new #RightThings to be consistent in to achieve the WINS you have for your life. 
  9. Celebrating others. 

That list was coming to me pretty easy. Spending your TIME doing these things will be a real difference maker for you. 

I wrote this post with my IPhone 7 Plus right before leaving to go to NORTH.CHURCH OKC and took this photo earlier in the day while walking to my book club.