Give me your name. 

Sean Johnson

Where are you from?

That's such a loaded question for me because I'm an Army Brat, so I'm from everywhere AND nowhere. I tell people I was born in Tampa, FL but the world was my backyard. Oklahoma is actually the longest I've been in one place my entire life. I moved here in 2001.

What was one of your favorite things growing up?

One of my absolute favorite things growing up was eating food and watching movies with my family on the couch. Sometimes we would order take-out (usually Chinese) or make homemade hamburgers and french fries and rent a movie from Blockbuster (I may have just dated myself). lol

Where do you work? What's your title? What do you do?

I am currently a self employed musician. That sounds worse when I type it out, but I'm actually doing pretty well. Lol Definitely not a starving artist. I've been able to support myself singing, writing, and performing around the country. Things really picked up for me back in 2012 and I've been able to maintain that success since then. I also do some work with an organization called Youth For Christ where we go into area High Schools and share the Gospel. We take the model Jesus used with his 12 disciples and pour into a small group of students and those students go and change their school, community, and peers.

Who was your best friend growing up?

Besides my older brother my best friend was my 'imagination'. I still have a very active imagination till this day. When I was younger I would create alternate worlds or scenarios and act them out in my mind. It went far beyond the typical imaginary friends. All of the people in my mind had back stories and character archtypes. I was basically writing movies in my head. They've grown up with me too. They all have lives, families, and careers now. It's pretty awesome.

Money was of no concern what would you be doing?

Exactly what I'm doing now honestly. Creating and sharing my art. I've been blessed to be in a place in my life where work I put in 10 years ago is starting to pay off now. I been writing and recording music since 2005-2006, so I'm far from an overnight success. But the grind has been worth it.

Can you share something that embarrasses you?

I get embarrassed for other people VERY easily. Like if I see somebody in an awkward or potentially embarrassing situation, even tho I'm not directly affected, I get uncomfortable FOR them. It's so bad that if I'm watching a television show and something awkward is about to happen I'll turn the channel or fast forward through it.

Do you have a favorite app on your phone right now?

My favorite app on my phone is this Audio Recorder app called Titanium Recorder. Since I'm constantly writing and coming up with melodies this app allows me to save my ideas so I can flesh them out later. The coolest feature is that it lets me record even when I'm using the aux cord to play music.

Tell me the 3 best things about you.

1. I'm Compassionate - I really do feel other peoples pain and I try to consider others before me.

2. My Beard - I mean...look at it. 

3. My Imagination - It's honestly the reason I've been able to write and create so much music over the past 10+ years.

What does good communication mean to you?

Good communication to me looks like not being afraid to voice your concerns. When you and the person you're conversing with are at a place where you can bring up a concern and the other person not get offended I think you're practicing good communication. Nobody gets along all the time, so if you can manage your way through any disagreements I think you're communicating well.

Who is a great communicator in your life and why?

A great communicator in my life is my Grandfather. He does a good job of mixing humor into serious conversations making them easier to process. He could be correcting you, but it doesn't feel that way. He's able to use humor to build you up even when he's breaking you down.

What is your favorite way to learn?

I love learning by doing. I'm a hands on kind of guy. It's easier for me to recall actions than written instructions, etc. Although if the presentation is engaging and memorable I can still grasp it, but hands on is my preferable method.

Tell us something you have learned lately?

That no matter how bad it gets or looks...God is still in control. He's always with us and working every situation out for our good.

Your favorite person in the world and why?

My favorite person in the world changes depending on the day honestly. I don't have ONE go to person. My favorite people are the unsung heroes. The people that get overlooked but still do their job gracefully and without fanfare.

Who is someone that adds value to your life and how?

My boy Joshua Lee Norman. He's probably one of the most genuine people I know. He's taught me a lot about what it means to be a friend and staying in contact with people.

How do you go about planning your day?

I usually use my notepad app to create a to do list and write down everything I can think of that I need to complete that day or for the week. Then I try to knock out the hard task first just so I don't have them hanging over my head.

Are you a goal setter?

I've set goals in the past, but I need to do a better job of being consistent with them. I think I just created a goal. #Irony lol

What's a big goal you have at the moment that you can share?

My current big goal is to finish this EP I'm working on. All the ideas are in my head I just have to flesh them out and record them, but I'm a perfectionist so it's a lot mentally.

Is there anything that you're measuring in your life right now and how?

My prayer life. Trying to be more consistent in writing down my prayers and tracking how God is moving in my life.

Which of your friends tell the best stories about you?

Probably my boy Marcus Jackson. He's a really funny and engaging person and knows how to bring out those funny details in a story.

Do you have a favorite story to tell about one of your friends?

It's a story about my cousin actually, but he's a genuine friend, so it counts. I hadn't seen him in years and unbeknownest to each other we joined the Air Force around the same time. As luck would have it we ended up at the same Base for training and randomly ran into each other in the cafeteria.

What's the one question you ask someone you want to get to know better?

If you were stuck on an island what three albums would you want to bring with you?

If you had a million dollars, how would you use it?

I would invest it or put it in the bank and live off the interest.

What's one simple way to show kindness tomorrow?

Look somebody in the eye, smile, and say HI!! Simple as that!!

6 things you should be consistent in to live out a GO WIN LIFESTYLE?

1. Prayer
2. Reading the Bible
3. Building relationships
4. Working out
5. Drinking water
6. Dreaming