Give us your name.

Shane Bowers

Where are you from? 

Guthrie, Oklahoma

What was one of your favorite things growing up? 

Riding horses, Civil war and 1880 Cavalry Re-enacting which grew into doing a little extra and stunt work for some T.V. and some Movies

Where do you work? What's your title? What do you do?

Seaboard Farms of Hennessey, Oklahoma. I'm a truck driver. I drive a rendering truck from Hennessey to Guymon, Oklahoma. Then it is processed into biodiesel. Its renewable diesel alternative fuel.

Who was your best friend growing up?

I always had friends at school but never away from school until I met my buddy John. He was kind of forced on us. He moved here from California to live with his Grandma. His Grandma didn't know what to do with a teenage boy and so just like that - I had a brother. He was a couple of years younger and never been around big animals like cows and horses so he went through a crash course of animal management. He also became a great partner helping me drive horse drawn carriages on the weekends in Guthrie.

Money was of no concern what would you be doing?

Definitely, lots of traveling. See this great world that God has made for us.

Can you share something that embarrasses you?

As Heady knows, speaking in public. That is weird right. Seeing that I drove a carriage for 25 years for all kinds of tourist in Guthrie. But see here's the thing, I didn't look at the people while I drove. I had to watch where the horse was going. It took 6 long months of Heady asking me before I finally prayed For our huddle at church. And now I've done it several times.

Do you have a favorite app on your phone right now?

Instagram. I sort of have an appreciation for photography and nature. I love anything shot in natural light surrounded by God's beauty.

Tell me the 3 best things about you.

1. A simple living man seeking God's heart. 2. I am a husband to a wonderful wife, Marissa.
3. I'm the dad to two great kids 1 (9yr) boy 1 (14yr) girl.

What does good communication mean to you?

Everything! I have to work at it alot. Some people just have it but me, nope. I've always been good with animals but communicating with people ( my poor wife) I really have to work on it.

Who is a great communicator in your life and why?

Definitely my wife. She is one of those people who will tell you about everything coming up several weeks out, write it on the calendar and a reminder text. And did I mention the lists that she makes. Lots and lots of lists. Lol

What is your favorite way to learn?

Definitely an audio learner. I spend up to 12 hours a day In my truck so I have a lot of free time. I have listened to about 90 books already this year. I listen to the entire Bible in a week. Yea. Lots of free time.

Tell us something you have learned lately?

That having a few basic things in your life can truly keep you sane like a relationship with God, a prayer life and having accountability. 

Your favorite person in the world and why?

It is my dad. He came back from vietnam with P.T.S.D, got married to my mother and raised 3 kids. He has been through a bunch the last few years with the sickness and loss of my mom. Without his faith in God, it wouldn't have turned out as well as it has. And he now has a new wife, who is also a family friend to my in-laws, is so wonderful.

Who is someone that adds value to your life and how?

I cant pick one. It has to be my men's group at my church. Shout out to M.O.T.V. The daily encouragement, and accountability and prayer that they give me and my family Is so good.

How do you go about planning your day?

I always wake up early. Around 3am. I pray for my family before leaving the house. I post a daily bible verse to facebook. Yes, thats me. I give time through out the day for prayer. Like I said I have lots of free time.

Are you a goal setter?

Long term only when God is a part of it.

What's a big goal you have at the moment that you can share?

Being able to share our land , some how, in blessing others.

Which of your friends tell the best stories about you?

Probably my buddy John.

Do you have a favorite story to tell about one of your friends?

My buddy Arron and I were riding at his property gathering cattle to move and we scared up a turkey. So what do teenage boys do? Go after it horse back and pull loose are ropes and try to "head and heal" it. Think team roping with a turkey.

What's the one question you ask someone you want to get to know better?

Where are you from? Town or the country?

If you had a million dollars, how would you use it?

Finish my offgrid house, invest in missions and help people with financial needs in my community.

What's one simple way to show kindness tomorrow?

Send a text to someone to let them know you are praying for them and there family. I have a sticky note of people, on the dash of my truck, that is always growing that I pray for everyday!

6 things you should be consistent in to live out a GO WIN LIFESTYLE?

1.Give out lots of hugs.
2. Let people know you care.
3. volunteer in your community. 
4. Show a servants heart To those around you.
5. be present
6. Show others Gods love.