GuthrieAmerica Story: Jason Hamilton

First and last name?

Jason Hamilton

Where were you born?

I was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 

When did you move to Guthrie?

In September 2005, I moved to Guthrie.

Why did you move to Guthrie?

Guthrie Police Department hired me as a Police Officer. I was hired by Damon Devereaux.

What’s your favorite Guthrie-related memory?

I have so many.  One of my favorite memories is leading the 89er parade for the first time. All the people lined on the streets waiting for the floats to pass by. There was so much excitement in the air. The students getting out of school early for the parade and running down to the carnival after the parade was a highlight for me. It was just a really fun and cool day. 

Of course meeting my wife here!

What’s the best part of living in Guthrie?

The people! For a person to visit and experience a small part of this city is one thing, to live here, become a part of the city, get absorbed into the city and live with the people is a totally different experience. You get to know people on a different level living here than you would living in a large city. You become personable with almost everybody you come into contact with. People in Guthrie want to share themselves with you and they also want to know who you are on a personal level. It's unique and it was a little scary at first. 

What does Guthrie have that other towns don’t?

The people!!! Walking downtown when there is an event going on, the drive inn, and of course James Long.

Are you a GHS Alumni?


If you lived here at some point and moved back why? job, family ect.. (etc…)

Nope to that too.

Where do you currently work and how long?

I'm still with the Guthrie Police Department. I will have worked for the city for 12 years in October.

#CommunityWins means "we should stick together - work together to make Guthrie grow for an even better future." 

Do you have family here in Guthrie? If so explain…

I live here with my amazing wife and our two children. Our oldest is in the National Guard and is currently at Fort Benning finishing up his training.

How did you first hear or learn about the Guthrie America brand?

From Heady. I also had seen people wearing the tee-shirt and thought "what a cool shirt."

What do you think about the GuthrieAmerica brand?

Its an amazing idea. I like the idea of a shirt reminding people we live in an awesome town and to keep it local.

Why do you wear your GuthrieAmerica Tee?

Just to remind people to keep it local, to show how proud I am of this town and whenever I do go to Edmond they know where I’m from and are jealous of the shirt.

What are your favorite things to do in Guthrie?

So many things. I enjoy the Beacon Drive-In Theatre, Red Brick Nights in the summer, cowboys shooting each other on the weekends downtown, and all the shops you can go into and maybe find some hidden treasure.

I like to eat, so the restaurants we have are amazing, too. I think we have a few hidden treasures like Romas, Stacy’s Place and Gages. 

If someone asked you why they should move to Guthrie, what would your answer be? 

I would just say come visit, walk around and hang with the people. You can go by Hoboken or Rick's and sit a while, talk to the people. I would say come for a meal in one of our restaurants. Get the Guthrie experience. And, you will start looking for a place stay so you can have what everyone else has - which is residency in GuthrieAmerica. 

We know Guthrie is awesome but tell us one thing you would change about it?

The only thing I can think of is more businesses, commercial or industry. We need more jobs so our kids getting out of high school have a place to work while going to college or a place to start a career for themselves. We have so many smart young people leaving Guthrie to work in other cities. We need to invest in ourselves.

When you hear "community wins" what does that mean to you?

I think of Heady yelling “go win” as I drive by. It means we should stick together - work together to make Guthrie grow for an even better future. 

Who would you like to give a shout out to?

My amazing wife Rosie, Jimmy Johnson, Damon Devereaux, Jason Reece and family, Ethan and Blair Workman, Shannon Disney and his Family and all the teachers in Guthrie. All work so hard for our youth and sometimes don’t hear how much we really appreciate them.