5 Thoughts while on Stair Stepper


1. I need to take my wife on a date desperately. She is my favorite person in the whole world. I believe dating is key to a healthy relationship. 

2. What cool stuff could I do monthly with my kiddos. I use these outings just to listen to them and see what they’re thinking. And to have fun. I have super cool kiddos.

3. What do I need to remove off my plate to make sure I’m devoting time to helping key people in my life. This is personal and work.

4. How I can better approach my goals. I have been researching this pretty heavily over the last couple of weeks. I have a game plan in place now but just want to keep digging to get better.

5. Thinking about people I’m proud of and the work they do. The hustle they’re putting in to go further better in their story.