Two things to get the best results when working with people.

I’m typing this right before leaving to go and try to run 3 miles. It will not really be running. It will be a very slow jog. I’m okay with that ie it being slow. I just want to finish. 


My goal in life is always to help people go further better in life by utilizing the gifts God has given me with the hope that they will ask me one question at some point.

That question is WHY! Why do I live my life the way I do. 

And my answer will be Jesus. And I will share the story of how Jesus changed my life and I will then share the gospel. 

Let me say these two things I believe help me get to that point and I think it can help you get results in a way that you will get to share your story or the story of your product or mission.  

Two things to get the best results when working with people: 

  1. Love them. Love is an action word so love them by being patient, kind, encouraging, listening and serving them. There are other action words that’s I believe speak to loving people but you get the picture.  
  2. Have fun. People enjoy having fun. It helps connect with them. It brings a smile to their face. People have enough going on that isn’t fun or exciting. Be the person that brings this into their life. It doesn’t have to be you but you can play the role in creating the fun.  

I think these two things can bring great results when working with people. We definitely could add to this list but try these two things over the next 12 months and see what happens. 

Not that I’m a great writer but give even more forgiveness I wrote this via my IPhone 10 via the Blog Squarespace app. Ha!