Teachers Want The World To Know These 67 Things

Shout out to all the teachers jumping back into another school year. I so appreciate the hard work you put in investing in our students. I hope you get all the support you need from parents and your community to have another successful year. 

I asked a bunch of teachers what the world should know about the beginning of the school year. You can read their responses below. Pretty inspiring. 


Have FUN! Teaching is rewarding when you have fun with your students. Start the school year EXPECTING it to be a great year with students and parents. Before you start each day: (1) Be prayerful (2) Be prepared (3) Be positive! Go Win!
The past doesn't define the future. Every day is a new chance to make yourself a better person.
Teachers are just as excited to be there! Most teachers worked very hard over the summer to make their classrooms the best that they can be. I spent many days over the summer making my classroom inviting and fun for my students. Every one is nervous the first day, even us! But we are there because we can't wait to educate and love our new batch of students!
The world just needs to know we love these kids every year! We will do anything for these kid! I didn't get into teaching for the money or glory! We do it for the kids!.
Teachers are excited to get to know their new students and they will become like family and be know as "my kids"
Some of our kids need to know we care more than others do.
The beginning of the school year, is a crazy time for everyone to adjust, to being back at school, it’s not easy, kids want to sleep, talk with friends, run in the halls, why not they ran all summer chasing friends, footballs, soccer balls you name it, they did it, but one thing is for sure I’d say is the smiles, high 5’s, and just the I missed you from the kids .
Teachers are just as nervous as the kids and parents about meeting the teacher. We want to impress you and work hard over the summer trying to work on things we want to improve on. We are also excited to have a whole new class to love. These students will become ours and we want the best for them.
The beginning of the year can be fun, excited and scary at times for students. It’s best to set a positive tone, an enriched learning environment and focus on the needs of our students.
Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all....-Aristotle
The beginning of school is exciting and challenging meeting and learning about my over 120 students in my creative drama class.
The first week of kindergarten really is just like herding kittens! 🤪

Two teachers work in a school. One is on a "job." The other is on a "mission." Their results will be dramatically different. New school, new classroom, new principal & new friends. It’s going to be a great year!! It’s actually a little scary for teachers too!
Sometimes the thing your students need the most has nothing to do with what’s in your lesson plan.
I would love for the world to know that at the beginning of the school year teachers are just as nervous and excited as the students and parents!
Every student comes to us with their own story. The world tries hard to test the students into 'norms'. The world works hard at telling them how to act, how to think, or how to just BE. We need to remember that each student has their own story and we need to embrace that. #justbeyou
It’s one of the most stressful times of the year, but also one of my favorite! Making sure everything is perfect and ready is a huge job, especially for a perfectionist like me! I love the fresh start of a new school year, I love getting to know my students and start building positive, trusting relationships with them.
Relationships Relationships! I grew up in Guthrie and I am still so proud to call it my home. My daughter just graduated from Guthrie High school and is on a full ride softball scholarship and just started her first day of class yesterday! My daughter, Ireland will be a 6th grader at GUES. I have a passionate connection to military children as my family is military so didn’t hesitate when given the opportunity to teach 1st grade at Tinker Elementary. (60% bass students). In my 5 years of teaching I have learned that the beginning of the school year is all about forming RELATIONSHIPS! Too often, teaches don’t establish this and unfortunately, students don’t have that sense of trust toward their teacher. If you are able to bond with them and form connections they trust you, feel comfortable around you and are more likely to be engaged and enthusiastic learners! The last thing I would encourage parents to do st the beginning of the school year is to exemplify PATIENCE toward us.😁 We are just as scared and as frustrated as they are with the beginning of the year routines and schedules. Having patience makes for a much better flow with that parent/teacher relationship. P.S, you can’t expect to ask a teacher to only write 1-2 sentences on what the world should know about this topic.😂
Thank you Heady for everything you do in this community!
Teachers are excited about the new school year. I always have trouble sleeping the night before because I'm excited to meet the new students.
One thing the world should know about the beginning of the school year is there is nothing as exciting and exhausting. Meeting the kids and their families is so rewarding and motivating. At the same time, by the end of the week your voice is gone and your body feels like it has run a marathon. I honestly can't wait!
Every child deserves a clean slate!!!💙💗
It is full of excitement, hectic schedules, lots and lots and lots of work! The best part is all the smiles that start the year off fresh.
The beginning of the year is my favorite time of the entire year. It’s the most exciting, busy, fun and sometimes overwhelming part of the year, but I love it. It is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings for everyone. I love this time because I get to spend time getting to know my students. I believe all teachers love this time of year even if it does have some stressful moments. :)
The beginning of a new year can be a scary and anxious time for everyone involved...including teachers, but when your kids show up everything suddenly gets better! Thank you for sharing them with us every day!
Every year I love getting my room together. Seeing what I can change to make the year better. I love getting my new roll sheet for the year and learning who I will have.
The beginning time of the school year is the roughest time of the year because you have to get your kids back ready to going to bed early getting up early and it's such a cranky time my advice would be to get your kids prepared at least 2 weeks ahead in advance that away you're well aware of what you're going to face ... Shelly
Preparing for each school year takes a lot of hard work and dedication from each and every teacher. However, the look on each child’s face on Meet the Teacher &/or the First Day of School makes it worth wild! You feel a sense of pride that all your hard work has paid off in that child’s eyes! 😊
The Begininig of the school year is a breath of fresh air for me. I mow all summer long so getting back in the classroom and seeing all the kids is great. It is a fresh start, it is a new opportunity to impact a new group of kids.
At the beginning of the school year, the world should know that teachers cannot guarantee every one of their students will pass “the state test”. They can however, guarantee that they will work their darndest to “love” & “grow” each of their students, w/ everything in them😊!
Any time is a great time to be a Bluejay, but the beginning of the year is the best! The seniors have the senior drive, freshmen have their orientation, Splash Week is full of fun dress up days, kids are excited about clubs and activities, and the fall sports and band are in full swing. Most importantly, back to school is a beginning and a fresh start. The possibilities for fun and achievements are limitless. Many of us need a new start to get us back on the right path. I also have a weakness for school supply shopping!
The world should know that there is no higher calling than to be a servant. We are serving these kids knowledge, love, discipline, life lessons, and empathy. We are the occupation that creates every occupation. I understand the great gift that you are lending me. I understand that I hold the future in my classroom and it transcends any darkness that the world may hold.
Every student deserves to start the school year with a fresh new start and has the opportunity to be the very best they can be!
The world should know that the opportunities at the beginning of the school year are endless! Teachers have a chance to change their students lives! Students have a chance to change their life and their peers. The relationships that are fostered throughout the school year start at the very beginning of the year and I cannot wait for this!
Its important at the beginning of each school year to know that your child’s teacher will likely spend the most time with your child of anyone they know, second only to you their parent. Parents and teachers having good working relationships is a critical part of a child succeeding! We are all in this together. Join forces and watch your kiddos flourish!
At the start of ever year I make sure to listen to every child that wants to share a story about their summer break. It means the world to children to know that you are interested in what makes them happy.
It’s exciting and fun sometimes a little bit scary. But it is most definitely the most wonderful time of the year!
Most teachers do not get much sleep the night before school starts due to their excitement!
The beginning of school is a time to build relationships that will last a lifetime. I love the floors all clean, kids in their best clothes, and the pure excitement of kids as they start a new chapter in their life. It’s a fresh new start for everyone. Isn’t that how we are supposed to start every day....a fresh new start.
Teachers are just as nervous as students on the first day of school. 🍎❤️
Remember that kids are not miniature adults. They do not think like we think. They need examples and modeling. Establish a routine and stick to it. This will make your mornings smooth!
Your teacher is just as nervous as you are. So smile and be kind. Your teacher is so very happy you are here!!
The world should know that the beginning of the school year is all about building relationships and a classroom community. Academics are important, but having strong relationships with your students is even more essential. Kids need to feel supported and know that an adult cares for them and is interested in their lives. Plus, getting to interact and have fun with kids is the best part of the job!
The beginning of the school year is an exciting time!! But for some students it is filled with anxiety, fear, and feeling out of control. Please be patient with students that struggle with change.
That teachers are as excited as the kids to be back and we miss your kiddos over the break. That we hope repeat students notice all the changes we make over the summer.
I love that it is a fresh start for the students and faculty. The first of the year is the most exciting because everyone is ready to make new relationships and build on old ones. Believe it or not, the teachers are just as nervous/anxious to meet their new students and spend a lot of time preparing. I’m very excited to start the new year 😊
The beginning of the school year is the best! Students and teachers share a lot of information with each other! It’s so fun getting to know your new school family!
It’s chaotic, exciting, exhausting, and so fulfilling. It’s a mix of completely contradictory emotions & feelings. It is by far the most rewarding sense of accomplishment & exhaustion you’ll ever feel. All the work you’ve put in all summer finally comes together & the light of excitement in the kids’ eyes the first time they see it all makes it worth it!
I always tell my students I have 25 kids. They always looks at me with wide eyes in surprise! Then I say "I have 1 daughter at home and 24 in this classroom. I promise to always take care of you like my own child." In my classroom we are a family.
Fall, for students, is like spring for flowers. Each fall is a fresh beginning. A new start, another opportunity for great adventure and knowledge.
Lots of us have been praying for your kids all summer long!!
Every new school year means an opportunity to build relationships with young people and help them grow and learn. We nurture leaders, foster creativity, and provide a space to try new things.
The first day of school, in my opinion, sets the tone for the entire school year. Take time on the first day to not focus so much on rules and procedures, but love and relationships. I’m a firm believer that developing relationships with students develop life long learners.
The beginning of the school year is packed with mixed emotions; exciting, nervousness, anxiousness, and thrilling. These are not feelings that just the students have, but the teachers also! 😊
It’s like starting a brand new job with little people each year! Day 1...everyone is nervous, everything is clean, and everyone is on point....day 2...things get real...teachers lose their nerves repeating themselves over and over, kids can’t sit still for more than 5 min, and everyone needs recess!
Please know that all the extra time, money and work we, as teachers, put in before classes even begin is because we have a genuine love for all of our students and a passion for our calling.
Aside from the many hours and money spent this summer attending trainings and planning for the upcoming year. I always tell my students I have 27 kids. They always looks at me with wide eyes in surprise! Then I say "I have 1 daughter at home and 26 (depending on my class size) in this classroom. I promise to treat you and take care of your every need just as I have always done for my daughter. In our classroom we are a family. Building relationships is the key to success!!
I love the beginning of a new year because I get to come up with a new classroom theme. This year’s theme Is “AT THE BEACH” and I can’t wait! Super excited to meet my new family of fourth-graders for this year!😊💙
Guthrie students get to experience some of the most brilliant, talented, creative, and devoted educators in the world! If that were not enough, Guthrie's educators are given huge support from the citizens of Guthrie.
Teachers are nervous, too. Even experienced teachers have crazy dreams and sometimes nightmares leading up to the first day of school. Getting my classroom ready is as exciting as Christmas was as a kid for me!
That teachers are sometimes just as nervous as parents and students. We all want is the same thing, for the child to have a successful year. We are on the same side, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Please be patient as the school year starts and know that we are ready to love and respect children like they’re our own. It can be difficult to communicate and get everything perfect for all new families and teachers at the same time.
You must have patience and mutual respect with your students. Make every day a day to learn something new about yourself and your students.
Students, parents and teachers should have the confidence of a toddler running around naked with underwear on it's head.
It’s crazy, wild and wonderful. There is nothing else like it in the world.
The beginning of the school year is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. Teachers are simultaneously mourning the end of their much needed break as well as anxiously awaiting to see their students grow again. Teaching is like that—a constant in-between of emotions. But that yin and yang is never more apparent than when a fresh school year begins.
It’s like Christmas with people instead of presents.